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Dear Insulet

Dear Insulet-

Hello! I haven’t written a letter to you in a while. It’s been an awesome month on the Pod.  I really enjoy the new PDM.  I love Co-pilot, I don’t have to feel gulity about not logging.  The spreadsheets and the log sheets are awesome.  Thank you for the upgrades.  I am not writing to you to complain about the Omnipod.  I am writing to you because a few weeks ago a competitor by the name of Medingo, made it’s debut.  Although I like a few features about the SOLO.   I am satisfied with the updates and the improvements that have been made so far with the Omnipod.  I just have a couple of questions.

1. When will the smaller Pod be available?

2. When will the CGM be integrated?

I stand by the Omnipod system 100%!  I have been told by a few people it’s in the works, just a little curious:) 

Be Blessed


DiabeticIzMe moves to Diabetes Daily

Hello! I wanted to let all of my friends know DiabeticIzMe will be moving to Diabetes Daily.   I hope you all will join me over at

Be Blessed


Home Soon!

 In 12 days…. the LOVE of my life, the APPLE of my eye, the Peach in my Splenda made cobbler, the king of the grill (BBQ) and the father of my daughter will be home on leave.  HubbyYES, YES, YES! I am one happy armywife!!!!!! If you’ve ever met a military spouse and they said,  “Oh, it’s easy being married to someone in the military.” Pull out your lancing device, glucose tabs, and sugachine test their blood sugar–it’s LOW!  IT IS HARD and it’s even harder when you have a child. My best friend, help mate and all of the other things left out the door.  I pray every day for his safe return.  I cling to every e-mail and conversation we have. I am a strong person at times, but the Lord knows some days or better than the others.   I love him, I can’t wait to see him. I am excited:) I am counting down the days….

Be Blessed


1 Happy Armywife

Twitter Monday: Diabetes Hashtags

Last week, I was a slacker.  It was the first day of school for me.  Niya was sick with strep throat and so was I.  I had to put blogging on hold for a little bit. I’m back this week.  I am sticking to the plan…Welcome to Twitter Monday. 


There are a lot of Hash tag’s floating around twitter.  I wanted to list them all for all of the twitterbetic’s out there.  If I am missing anything let me know. 

Most commonly used #hash tag’s used on twitter by the DOC (Diabetic Online Community).

1. #diabetes-is the most commonly used #hash tag.  You can use #diabetes for all things diabetes.

 2. #bgnow– If you want to display to all twitterbetic’s and the world what your current bg is you would type #bgnow200, followed by whatever else you want to add to it.

3.  #bgwed-If your not familiar with #14kpwd, click here to read more.  #bgwed was created for all PWD’s and T-3’s to come together once a week to share numbers, awareness and support for each by posting bg’s all day.  We don’t care what your numbers are, no shame, no diabetic police and the DOC (diabetic online community) will not judge you. You are not a lone:) We are here for you.

4. #blamediabetes– #blamediabetes is used because your having a bad day, numbers aren’t making any sense, someone pissed you off or just because you want to blame diabetes. Click here to read the post from George (ninjabetic) it’s how #blamediabetes was born.

5. #dblog– #dblog is used for diabetic blogs.  If you have a blog and want the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) to know about it, using #dblog is a way to make sure your blog doesn’t go unnoticed.  It’s the twitter directory for d-bloggers.

6.  #ddchallenge– #ddchallenge was created for the diabetes daily monthly challange, click here.  If you exercise for at least 30 min a day, want to share your progress with the community #ddchallenge is the hastag you want to use.  Click here to read David’s post explaning the Diabetes Daily August Challenge.

Remember your more than just a number! Have a GREAT week!

Be Blessed


Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady-Chasing 6.0

A couple of weekends ago, I went to the lab to have my A1C, C-peptide, Vitamin D and Thyroid levels checked.  I was excited. I wanted to see what my A1C and C-peptide levels were.  I always tell myself my A1C is going to be higher than what it is, so if it’s high I want be disappointed–it’s a mind game I play with myself, it works for me. 

  I am scheduled to see Wes (NP-Endo) on Thursday, I couldn’t help myself.  I called the office,  asked the young lady if my lab results came in.  Guess what?! My A1C is 6.2! I’m moving slow and steady to 6.0! I am breaking away from the mental block I was given a few years ago! I’m not going to lie. I needed to know what the standard was and is, but I realize my body has changed, not on oral medication anymore and pancreas isn’t working like it use too.  If I maintain 6.2 for the next 3 months I am satisfied. If I can move it down to 6.1 I will be even more satisfied.  I am learning with diabetes you have to take baby steps, bolus correctly, adjust insulin, maintain a low carb way of life, exercise–I see progress. I want to be honest with you–I do have days where I wonder 205, how did I get that number? Stress kills, it’s terrible for diabetic’s.  I vent, correct, pray that it comes day and I let go.

I am the turtle and diabetes is the hare.


Diabetes may get the best of at times, I’m damn sure it’s not going to get the best of me all the time.


Be Blessed


Operation: Stop the itch

3.5 years ago, Niya was born. She was cut out (c-section). Niya took a lot of things away from me during her stay in my belly. I wouldn’t change anything! Niya is my blessing.

I lost all of my baby weight. I’ve come
to terms that my stretch marks will not go away. I understand sit-ups, crunches or ab work outs will not rid me of stretch marks…*sigh* but for some odd reason my stretch marks started itching. Why? I don’t know. Do I scratch them?!?! Heck no! I don’t want to create more. I need to find a remedy to take the itch away.

My theory–sweat! They didn’t start itching until I started working out. Heck what do I know, I’m not a Dermatologist?!?! I’m just a woman, who happens to be a diabetic, mother and wife…who wants these dog on stretch marks to stop itching. *sigh*

Can someone…ANYONE, Help me?!?! I know there has to be a woman or man who can help me. Please I’ll try just about “anything”.

Be Blessed
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