"America’s Freedom Comes at A Cost"-Bush

I was actually going to write a blog about a movie I rented last night, but when I was logging onto the internet I saw a quote from George Bush; just saying his name makes me cringe. I know we are all entitled to our on political views, but America has lost so many men and women to a senseless war.
I hated when my Husband had to leave home to go to Iraq for 15 months. I hated not knowing if he would come home safe. I didn’t like to keep a thought in the back of my head—that he may not come home….This war has screwed up so many lives, marriages, children and family it’s unreal.
I support my Husband and of the other men and women who sacrifice their lives to make sure WE are FREE from terrorist and whoever else. I don’t support a man who is trying to play god. Bush falsified records stating there were weapons of mass destruction…what a bunch of crap.
I don’t how Bush can look at the Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines in the eye….Well, I am getting furious just thinking about it so I am going to end this blog…Bush only has a few months in office…Yippee!!!


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