Til’ Death Do Us Part and Diabetes has made Us stronger

My Husband amazes me. Since my Dx he has been supportive! He listens to me complain about Bg’s and everything else associated with Diabetes. He sacrifices to make sure I am taken care of. I wake upand can’t believe how lucky I am. God has truly Blessed me with a winner; he didn’t get a bad catch either.

When I received the POD I was a little uncomfortable being in the nude around him, I didn’t want him to look at me any different; I can’t believe the thought crossed my mind. He didn’t care, he loves me no matter what…Diabetes,Pod, Oral Meds or INJECTIONS.

Scott helped me place my Pod on my back; I know this is going to be a little crazy BUT it was one of the most gentle touches I have ever felt. **blushing**

I know our wedding vow’s said, ” Til Death Do Us Part.” If I was diabetic when I was standing at the alter, I would have said, “Til Death Do us Part, through all of the Highs, Lows, Doc appointments and Diabetic tudes.” hahahaha!

P.s. Do not try to battle Diabetes alone, it’s almost impossible to do!
When it comes to coping w/ being a diabetic, educate your spouse (mate) and invite to them to join a support group or a few doctor appointments.

Take care and God Bless


About Cherise

Diabetes (Type 1.5/LADA) has been living with me for about 4 years. I am using the Omnipod insulin delivery system and I love it. I am not going to say I don't have a bad pod every once in a while because it does happen. I am a wife, mother and I work full time. Thank you for stopping by please feel free to browse and leave a comment! View all posts by Cherise

One response to “Til’ Death Do Us Part and Diabetes has made Us stronger

  • Kristin

    I’m SO glad that you have Scott in your life! Diabetes is much easier to face with someone by your side to support you!

    I am also very thankful for my husband. He has never known me without the pump and loves me that way… it’s like it’s a natural part of my body for him!

    He a bit squeamish about needles, which I think he will get over eventually, but i haven’t been able to convince him to do a site insertion for me yet (it really could be convenient)… but I still insert by hand. Maybe I can convince him if I get one of those insertion devices where you just need to push the button! I think that he’s too afraid that he’ll hurt me!

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