DFYI-Looking for a Hip, Modern Diabetic Carrying Case? Look no further

Have you ever wanted a hip, modern and stylish carrying case/bag for your Diabetic supplies? You looked every where but can’t find that one bag that fits your glucose meter, lancet, strips, glucose tablets, insulin, etc.  Have you ever wondered what to do with used test trips while out on a date or at a family function?

Well look no further…

This weeks DFYI,  I decided to showcase Rickina, the founder and design guru of Stick Me Designs!  As I am preparing this weeks showcase I am excited about the Jet Setter bag; I am going to be ordering it soon! I am happy, I have finally found a bag I can stick all of my diabetic supplies in without tossing them in my suit case! the best thing is it doesn’t look like your average Diabetic carrying case and I can still be CUTE while carrying it! Here is my interview with Rickina (stickmedesigns.com)



Rickina, you have amazing products! How did StickMeDesigns come to light?

Rickina:  Stick Me Designs was an idea I puddled over while pregnant with my second son and dealing with gestational Diabetes. I was thrown into a Diabetic lifestyle and needed to keep my supplies with me all the time.  Problem was, I hated looking at that black nylon bag, it was ugly, it ‘screamed hey look at me I’m sick’ and I dreaded even having it in my bright lime green Guess handbag…it just didn’t go:) So I began digging looking for stylish, functional and modern alternatives, when I came up with navy blue I knew I could be onto something.  So I put one together myself, that was a red leather exterior with beautiful polkas in the inside and made peace with my sewing machine and it was fabulous. Not totally useful but the idea was there, and I decided to ask my fellow com padres I met at Tudiabetes what they thought. The feedback was wonderful and I then began scarily taking steps to make this idea a bona fide reality. And the rest is NOT history:=)

I like the bio flip and the jet setter bag. What other products do you have and what are the price ranges? 

RickinaWe also have added the Stick Me Slim’s that are a slim style case for just a few basic supplies, it retails for $22.99. We also have our Deluxe styles, full of elastic and pockets, it retails for $36.99. Recently we added the Bio Flip Talls, that were designed to hold needle tips and pen tips while you’re on the go, retail $9.99.  Our too cute Stick Me Pockets, retails for $15.99.

What is the top selling item?

Rickina: That would certainly have to be our Deluxe carrying case. We can not keep them in our inventory, we’re working on that as we speak. Learning all the business details of running your own company is a huge learning curve, you have to figure it out as you go.

What makes Sick Me Designs stand apart from it’s competitors?
Rickina: I think we stand apart with our design flair and fabrics, we keep them fresh, modern and full of colorful life, something that medical accessories are truly lacking. We also take pride in our prompt responsive customer service. I personally answer each and every e-mail that comes across my laptop and BlackJack.
And lastly I’d like to think we stay connected to what people with diabetes really want and more importantly need in order to manage, control and deal with diabetes. We’re constantly asking for feedback, suggestions and ideas! It’s not what I like or what my design team likes, it’s about my customers and I always want to express that to them.
I have been following your blog. I am just as excited as you are about the Fall Line. Will you be introducing any new diabetic bags or carrying cases?
RickinaYes, we’re actually on the design tables now with new Stick Me Pockets, our newest carry all “The ‘Kameeleon Messenger’, and another new addition the Stick Me Collies.  We’re always looking for innovative and new ideas to keep our customers style-forward and savvy-organized.
My Husband loves your bags, he noticed there isn’t a lot of options for Men/boys. Have you thought about creating a Men’s/boy’s line?
Rickina: Believe it our not, I’ve muddled over this for at least 6 months or so. My first attempt at this didn’t go over as well as I hoped. We are looking for ways to really connect with men and little guys better, as we know they gotta want some style too. But it’s tough selection materials for guys from the design standpoint.  It has to be manly, and still design-friendly. But with the right direction and customer feedback, we could very well give it a shot again next Spring or Summer*
Where can we buy Stick Me Design’s product? Do you have a retail store?
Rickina: Our collections can be purchased directly from us at www.stickmedesigns.com. We’re working on getting more retail locations as well, as soon as we can work through those details.
Do you have any advice for future diabetic entrepreneurs? 
Rickina: We as a still aspiring entrepreneur:) I think  that doing something that you truly can stand behind is important. You know what, at the end of the day, the hours are very long, the pay sucks (at first) and you will have to give up or isolate yourself from things and from the people you love sometimes. I tell myself that a little sacrifice now, will pay off handsomely in the end. I think about my goals and why I do what I do and every time it comes back down to this: Knowing that what I’m doing is making someone out there feel just a little better about their diabetes. It’s no where near a cure, but it’s my little contribution. Maybe along the way I’ll secure a financially rewarding career that I can pass it down to my sons.
I hope you all enjoyed this week’s DFYI (Diabetic-For Your Information)! If you have any questions or would like to purchase any items from Stick Me Designs, please visit WWW.STICKMEDESIGNS.COM.


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