Healthier “D”life & Healthier “Me”

I wrote a blog a few months back called My 7 “Bad” Habit’s as a Diabetic. I am slowly making adjustments, working on them.  Heck, the hardest thing is saying no to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I said “NO” today.  I know it’s minor but I am proud of myself for not taking a piece. I am not ready to introduce the Cups back in my life…I am own a mission and I know I can’t control myself. So–Out of sight, Out of my mind.

I have been wearing shoes and socks around the house!  lancets….lol I changed them twice already this year, I know it’s not a lot but remember “baby steps”. I don’t want to set myself up for failure by adding too many things to my “Work” on list. “We” all do that sometimes, “We” fail, wonder why. One of the most valuable lesson’s I’ve learned in life is not to put more on my plate than I can handle. I do plan on tackling each item on My 7 “Bad” Habits as a Diabetic list….Not all at once, one day at a time.

Food Journal Update

I started using my food journal yesterday!!! So, far so good! I hope I can keep up with it. I have to be honest–I enjoy knowing what food I am intaking. I didn’t think I could be one of those people again…you know logging food and bg’s all over again, reminds me of when I was first diagnosed. What happened to that person?what caused my Diabetes burnout? and how did I lose my focus? the answer is LIFE and it’s changes. It’s ok to fall off the bandwagon but you have to catch yourself before you drown. I caught myself. Re-evaluated what I did or what I didn’t do.  I am moving on.  I am willing to sacrifice. I’m not saying I am not going to enjoy myself;  that  would be a lie. I’ll just be thinking moderation and about my feet…

 My pump (pod) is a tool to help me, not heal me.  I’m ok, with sacrificing a few things for a healthier, stress free diabetic life!

I am re-dedicating myself to a healthier “D” life and a healthier “ME”.

Hi! My name is Cherise. I’m a Diabetic and DiabeticIzMe


About Cherise

Diabetes (Type 1.5/LADA) has been living with me for about 4 years. I am using the Omnipod insulin delivery system and I love it. I am not going to say I don't have a bad pod every once in a while because it does happen. I am a wife, mother and I work full time. Thank you for stopping by please feel free to browse and leave a comment! View all posts by Cherise

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