How do you know?

I am preparing to attend my BSF’s (best sister friends) baby shower! I’m excited for her, it’ll be her first child. She’ll be a great mother. The best thing about it all is I am going to be a god mother in about 3 weeks.
I was talking to my BSF, planning the menu for the shower. My BSF went over the food list…potato salad, baked beans, veggie tray, meat balls and pies. I asked “What kind of drinks will be there?” Her response…”Lemonade, punch and beer.” My response …”Will there be anything diet to drink for diabetic’s.” She said, “Only you and Uncle have diabetes. We can have diet pop there. Plus, “M” is buying beer”
My response (here I go playing the diabetic advocate) “How do you know there only 2 people who have diabetes?” She said she knows because people wouldn’t drink if they have diabetes. I let her know that there are a lot of in the closet Diabetic’s, everyone isn’t open and still in denial about having diabetes and just because they have diabetes doesn’t mean they won’t drink. She said she knew that me and Uncle are the only diabetic’s who will be attending the shower.

Here’s what I think: How do you know?you don’t know unless someone says something. Just because you see a face doesn’t mean you truly know them. Heck,I don’t look like a diabetic but guess what I am. I am outspoken when it comes to Diabetes but millions of people aren’t! I see it and deal with it a lot. People are ashamed of the “D” or just don’t like people being in their kool-aid.

Before we went on…I changed the subject because I know it wouldn’t matter!

I just ask this:

When planning social event’s that envolves food–think about everyone and don’t assume that there are only a few diabetic’s in the room because there could be a few more lurking in the room.

Be Blessed
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Sorry for any grammatical errors.


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