A1C is_____=Could be Worse

drappI went to the Endo today, overall appointment…GREAT! A1C news not bad, could be worse. My last A1C was 6.3.  Today’s results “6.8”!!!   I knew it would be higher than last time but not that much higher!  My heart was broken…I quickly got over it, not quickly after, maybe about 15 minutes later.  I try not to get down about it.  .

 Diabetic Motto in the Endo’s office

“First we stabilize, than we lower”

Wes did try spinning a positive by saying “I was very stable and consistent.”  No hypo’s…not too many hyper’s; he made a good point.  He said “Stability is better than a great A1C. I  would rather see your A1C at 6.8 than 5.6 w/ a lot of hypo’s.”   He said anything under 7.0 in his office for a Type 1 is great. Well, if you look at it that way I am still doing good.  Plus, the A1C is only 1 piece of the puzzle. 

  I am getting the stability part down. I need to work on accurately carb counting my dinner meals.  I’m going to have to break down and by a scale. 

I did let Wes know I fell off the bandwagon for the month of December. I am back from the non-diabetic world  but I sure enjoyed my trip.

Overall everything looks great…No weight gain (my stomach is singing “Your jiggling baby” ), Thyroid great, blood pressure great.  Vitamin D level is 67, slowly creeping back up.  

I am chasing 6.0…healthy 6.0 that is!! Cross your fingers and wish me luck, in 3 months I will be back at 6.3.

Your Diabetic Buddy



About Cherise

Diabetes (Type 1.5/LADA) has been living with me for about 4 years. I am using the Omnipod insulin delivery system and I love it. I am not going to say I don't have a bad pod every once in a while because it does happen. I am a wife, mother and I work full time. Thank you for stopping by please feel free to browse and leave a comment! View all posts by Cherise

4 responses to “A1C is_____=Could be Worse

  • stickysweetmomma

    I’m proud of you. You know why? Because your making a conscious effort to manage your diabetes. That is one of the biggest fights I have with my brother and mother who have diabetes. I tell them constantly that they can not just go to the doctor and let him/her tell them what they need to do and then go home and not put any effort into it. YOU have to manage your diabetes WITH the help of the doctors. This thing wakes up with us, goes to sleep with us, goes to the doctor with us and then goes home with us. It’s not the doctors disease it’s ours. Taking ownership means taking responsibility which means less complications as we get older. I know with your dilegence that you’ll reach your goal. Keep rocking girl!

  • Scott K. Johnson

    One of my favorite phrases is “focus on progress not perfection”. And, for the record, I would LOVE an A1C of what you have. Life is all relative isn’t it! Great job, on BOTH sides of the heart!

    • Cherise

      You are right! I am getting a little better. I think the issue is I use to be below 6.0! I am learning not to dwell on the past. I love the phrase you listed.

  • Kristin

    6.8 is GREAT! I spent 5 years trying to get below 7. Getting a 6.8 takes a lot of work too!! I’m trying to get under 6 now… we’ll get there!! Some day. Some how!!!

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