Bagel=Not Good for me

Bagels have a 48-60 grams of carbs per 1 whole bagel. I NEVER eat Bagel’s. I always look at the package and quickly put it back down.

This morning Niya wanted a bagel for breakfast,me being the mother I am, stopped at the local grocery store for bagels.

I found the bread aisle. Ding, jackpot bagel’s. I grabbed about 5 different types of bagels and I found the perfect one for me. Sara Lee plain bagels. The best part, 34 grams of carbs for 1 whole bagel. I was sold. Paid. I left the store with a huge (sugar free) kool-aid smile.

At work. Headed straight to the breakroom and popped my bagel in the toaster. Gosh, the taste of the bagel was awesome; pure heaven on earth.

2 hours later, checked my bg 220! Holy crap! No more bagel’s for me! *crying*

What brand of bagel’s do you eat? I’m curious

Be Blessed
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6 responses to “Bagel=Not Good for me

  • Tony Rose

    Hi cherise – I typically stay far away from bagels if possible. They are loaded with carbs and especially if they come from the bakery and not in a package that lists the carb count. As I said, I would almost put them in the same category as pop tarts, which are insanely high in sugar and carbs.

    I would think the best bagels would be whole wheat or multigrain ones that have a good amount of fiber. When the time comes that I get a Panera bagel (french toast or Asiago are yummy), I typically over bolus and almost try to go low.

    I bet there are some type of low-carb bagels out there. I just haven’t found them and don’t really care to. I try to stick with more protein at breakfast when possible.

    Also, be sure the carb count is for 1 whole bagel and not half. I guess this is obvious, but worth noting.

  • rainbow

    I eat Weight Watchers whole wheat bagels. I don’t know the carb count offhand, but the bagels are smaller than conventional bagels (I generally can’t eat an entire normal-sized bagel; way too filling) and are lower in carbs.

  • Sweeter

    Bagels are scary to eat LOL. Have you seen the Thomas Whole Wheat Mini Bagels? I think they are around 25g of carb each? It’s funny that they are called Mini. They are probably the size of what a bagel should really be. Over the years, bagels have gotten huge!

    • Cherise

      I am going to look into the options you all provided, maybe I shouldn’t eat the whole bagel. We’ll see! I am glad I followed my first mind to check my bg’s after I ate the bagel.
      Thanks for the comments

  • Karen

    Oh bagels. Oh how I love bagels. With lots and lots and lots of cream cheese. I rarely have them, because my blood sugar does not like bagels. They had a platter out at my hairdressers a few weeks ago – the bagels were cut into quarters and I figured that would be okay. Bolused for 15 grams and ate the quarter bagal – and still spiked over 200. *sigh* I’ll still eat them maybe twice a year, but I wish I could have them more often.

  • Lili

    Bagels are On The List for me. That is, the list of foods it’s almost impossible to eat. Whether I keep trying depends on whether they’re worth it for me, and I’m afraid I just don’t like bagels enough. Guess I’m no help. 😉

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