Memorial Day-“God Bless and Watch Over our Soldier’s”

Happy Memorial Day!!!



Thank you to all the Brave Men and Women, who serve and protect our country!!!

I Jaimie (great friend)  posted a video link to MercyMe called “Finally home“.  “Finally Home” reminds me of the relationship my husband and daughter have.   Today, when I watched the video, the words to the song and I was touched  –it’s almost like my husband was talking to me.    Scott (hubby), currently on his 2nd tour in Iraq.  I cried when he left; I haven’t had the chance to cry since then.  I’ve put myself on the back burner trying to stay strong for Niya.  Niya is a daddy’s girl.  She doesn’t understand where her daddy is or how long he’ll be gone! When we go out for Pizza, she orders his favorite pizza. She eats 3 slices, saves him a slice. “Momma, I want to save this for daddy when he comes home.”  I put the pizza in the ice box.  Every morning, she eat’s cinnamon toast crunch–not because she likes it but because it’s her dad’s favorite cereal.  “Momma, I want dad’s cereal for breakfast.” I tried explaining daddy’s not coming home for a while–she pauses with a blank stare on her face. She says “Mom, I miss my daddy! can you call him?”

 When she see’s an airplane she says “Mom, daddy’s on the airplane”.   I smile and walk away.  Bedtime is the worst, sometimes she cries for 30-45 min for her dad.  I wrap my arms around her, I tell her “DADDY will be home soon!”, she says ok and goes to sleep.    Niya doesn’t understandwhat her dad is doing. The only thing she knows is 1. He loves her 2. He is her best-friend 3. he is in the Army 4. he’s never home.  One day I’ll be able to tell her, her dad’s job is to protect our country, she’ll appreciate it in the end but right now she just misses her dad and I don’t blame her; I miss him too.

While your sitting at home enjoying your BBQ, your day off of work and relaxing–take the time to pray for our soldiers.  When you see a Vet walking down the street or shopping at a grocery store, say “Welcome Home”.  Memorial day isn’t just about having the day off and enjoying BBQ, it’s a day to remember those who serve, served and who have past away.

 I’ve replayed “Finally Home”about 20 times; I cried each time.  “Finally Home” gave me the much needed emotional break down; I needed it.   I can only be strong for so long and darn it, it took a song to break me down.  I wanted to share this video with you today, Memorial Day 2009.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Thank you Mercy Me for creating a beautiful song with a beautiful video.

Be Blessed


Proud Army wife


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5 responses to “Memorial Day-“God Bless and Watch Over our Soldier’s”

  • CALpumper

    Prayers to you and yours Z-Pod.

    I just cannot bring myself to watch the video yet.

    I understand the need for a “break down.”
    It’s good for the soul, hard on the mind and body.

    May you enjoy this Holiday with your adorable, loving Niya.
    And may Scott continue to be safe.
    God Bless him and all of our troops.

  • JaimieH

    always praying for Scott and all the other soldiers who are protecting this great country of ours…also praying for the families who have lost their loved ones defending us…praying for strength for the families at home waking up each morning and getting through their day thinking about their loved ones half way around the world…praying for their safety and that they come home safe to the open arms of the ones they love…..

    Scott, Cherise, Niya….love u guys! xoxo

  • L Nora

    Please send me updates-beautiful website. God Bless America, our troops and their families

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