1 Year Podding….


My first day Podding



May 14, 2008 (my first blog as a podder)-

I am a Pod wearer! The site shown above is my stomach (first Pod site). So far so good! I am still a little confused on a few things but I’ll figure them out as I go along. I can swim, bike ride and whatever else I want

My NP was really helpful. The hardest thing for me to do was tell the PDA to insert the cannula; the fear if the unknown. YIPPEE, It was pretty much pain free. I was amazed, it did not hurt. MDI’s (multiple daily injections) hurt at times, I really disliked injecting myself 4 times a day. I can eat and sleep w/o worrying about a shot.

I am a little stuck on stupid when it comes to the basal settings; I’ll learn more the longer I use the Pod. I have to get use to the PDA thinking for me, not to over think everything. I am going to have a list of questions prepared for my next appointment.

I told my NP how nervous and excited I am about using the Pod. He reassured me I would get it down pat. I know I will get frustrated, I will hang in there. I know I made the right choice for myself .



The Present Day-I do not miss 4-5 MDI’s or the yo-yo bg’s.   I do enjoy the Omnipod.  I love the wireless feature.  I just love the darn thing.    I’ve had a few issues with the Omnipod system, not the pods but with the PDM.   The PDM reset itself at the airport and wouldn’t allow me to bolus before a meal.  I honestly don’t have too many complaints. 

I know there are a lot of people who dislike the Omnipod— for every person you find who dislikes the pod you’ll find 10 more people who love it.  There are a lot of flaws, in time those flaws will be fixed.

Knowing what I know now, I still would’ve picked the Omnipod.  Overall, I am thankful for the Omnipod.  I wouldn’t change Podding for anything; besides a new pancreas.  I LOVE IT!  I would recommend it to anyone. 


Be Blessed


One Happy Podder


About Cherise

Diabetes (Type 1.5/LADA) has been living with me for about 4 years. I am using the Omnipod insulin delivery system and I love it. I am not going to say I don't have a bad pod every once in a while because it does happen. I am a wife, mother and I work full time. Thank you for stopping by please feel free to browse and leave a comment! View all posts by Cherise

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