New Adventure in Exercising

I joined a gym, not a secret.  I thought about getting a personal trainer but my husband said, “You know how to get in shape, why pay someone?”.  Personal trainer is out of the question.  Next, I decided to see what classes LA fitness had to offer.   Aqua Aerobics, Cardio kickboxing and  Ab sculpting class.  Friday, I decided to try Cardio Kickboxing.  I looked around the class.  I could tell I was the only newbie! I saw a lady, I asked her “How do you like this class.”  She said, “You’ve never taken this class before? Girl, this is my favorite class. He is a great instructor.  He is hard.”  OMG! What did I get myself into.  The music started playing, my body started moving and the kickboxing class began.  I wanted to stop sooooooo bad, but I couldn’t. I felt good.


  I was motivated but by the end of the class I was exhausted.  I checked my bg, the meter read 58.  I popped a few glucose tabs in my mouth. I was good to go.     I decided– to keep going to cardio kickboxing and figure out this whole bg thing.   I enjoy it! Let’s see how next Friday goes.

Be Blessed


I gave up Afro-Carib class’s. Why pay extra, classes are included into my gym membership.


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Diabetes (Type 1.5/LADA) has been living with me for about 4 years. I am using the Omnipod insulin delivery system and I love it. I am not going to say I don't have a bad pod every once in a while because it does happen. I am a wife, mother and I work full time. Thank you for stopping by please feel free to browse and leave a comment! View all posts by Cherise

3 responses to “New Adventure in Exercising

  • Suzanne

    Girl if they offer yoga at that LA Fitness, you should totally take it! It is my favorite class they offer. I don’t get a major drop in my BGs, it is very gradual drop after this class and lasts all day so I have good BGs all day! Also try the spinning class, it is really a good workout and is pretty fun. Not as fun as the kickboxing but good for the BGs nonetheless. Aqua Aerobics is OK, it depends on the teacher and the other people taking the class as to whether you will get a good workout. One of the teachers at my LA Fitness doesn’t push us hard and I end up high after a class with her if I drop my basal rate. She caters the class to the least in shape of all of us. The other teacher pushes hard and it is pretty fun and a good workout. Keep up the good work, it is hard to get motivated and you are doing great. I need to copy you on this and get my butt up to the gym more than twice a week, hahaha!

  • CALpumper

    Good for you Z-Pod! Awesomeness. 😉 Keep up the good work.

  • Scott K. Johnson

    I think that sounds great! And just LOOK at you! Totally ripped! Oh – what? That’s not you in the picture? My bad. Hehe!!

    Way to go on getting that exercise in!

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