OmniPod and PDM=Failure

Usually, if my pod is on my hip I try to restrain from doing any exercises that requires me to lay on my hip. I decided to test my Pod. I did the side leg lefts and a few other exercises. When the class ended, I touched my pod and it was still intact. I was stoked. I made it through class without the pod falling off. After all, I was told the Omnipod is durable and should stay on during exercises.

On my way home I felt a burning sensation, I knew something wasn’t right. I checked my bg, 79. Yes! Good to go. I bolused for dinner. I ate dinner. I was about to jump in the shower. I noticed the adhesive to the Pod was coming up. I tried fixing the adhesive, I couldn’t get it to lay down–that’s odd.. in between the adhesive I noticed the cannula came out. WTH?!? No alarm!!! I grabbed the Omnipod manual. I went to chapter 10 of the manual, no mention of an alarm for the cannula/pod.


I called Insulet. I spoke to a very nice CSR. I told her the situation. She said it’s odd the PDM or the POD didn’t alarm. I asked if the POD/PDM should alarm. She said she knows it alarms for an occlussion. I told her it was odd it didn’t alarm when the cannula came out. Plus, there isn’t any mention of an alarm for the cannula in the manual. What if I didn’t take a shower?!? I wouldn’t have noticed it. She said she was sorry, didn’t understand why the Pod/PDM didn’t alarm. she would send me out another Pod. She asked, “The site you put your pod–is it muscle, lean or fat.” I busted out laughing. What does that have to do with the Pod/PDM not alarming?!? She said she has to ask the questions. I told her not to worry about sending me another Pod. I had to change my Pod tonight. I told her thank you. The call ended.

Do you use Omnipod System or Traditional Pump. Does your PDM or Pump alarm when your infusion set disconnect’s?

Ps- I really LOVE my pod. I just think it should alarm if it disconnects.

Be Blessed



About Cherise

Diabetes (Type 1.5/LADA) has been living with me for about 4 years. I am using the Omnipod insulin delivery system and I love it. I am not going to say I don't have a bad pod every once in a while because it does happen. I am a wife, mother and I work full time. Thank you for stopping by please feel free to browse and leave a comment! View all posts by Cherise

10 responses to “OmniPod and PDM=Failure

  • Karen

    I use MiniMed with the Quick-Set infusions. It does alarm for an occlusion. But if the site ripped off or the cannula popped out, I don’t think it would alarm. As long as the insulin is going through the tubing and site, my pump would have know way of knowing if the cannula was in my skin or flapping the breeze.

    PS: When I tried to type “knowing” in that last sentence, my fingers automatically typed “knitting” instead and I had to fix it. Obsessed with yarn much??? That’s me!

  • cathy thompson

    Hey there . yes this is one of the many reasons I dont wear a pump other than the fact I have no health insurance . I cant afford it . I mean I know some folks who do and they dont like the omnipod and I got their opinion of it . You might want to change pumps . I hope you this all worked out .

  • Sara

    Karen has a point. I don’t think it would alarm because I don’t think the pump (tubeless or with tubing) would know that the cannula is not in. As far as the pump knows, insulin is flowing and its happy.

  • Mark Mansheim

    I use the OmniPod and have pumped for a number of years. However, due to my skin type, I use Mastisol to keep the pod stuck to my skin. My sweat causes normal adhesives to come right off. Mastisol does the trick especially with exercise. 😀 I’ve heard others use Skin Tac or water-proof tape to help keep the pod down. Hope some of this helps…


  • Gail

    my daughter wears the PING and it only alarms when it has an occulsion. The cannula had come out one day and we had numbers in the 500’s all day (eeeeeeeekkk) and no alarm or anything, finally changed the site and the cannula was totally bent backward out of her body. So I honestly do not think its a pod thing but a pump thing.

  • Chris Bishop

    Hey Cherise –

    I use a minimed 522 and the only warning alarms I get are no delivery alarms. It would be nice if there was an occlusion alarm although I usually know right away if there is one. Good luck staying sticky… lol


  • jenny

    I use the Minimed pump and i WISH it would tell me if I wasn’t getting insulin! A few times I have ripped it out during the night and I wish I didn’t have to wake up with the dry mouth to tell me that i wasn’t getting insulin!!!

  • Cherise

    Thank you all for your comments. I am a little disappointmented that an alarm doesn’t go off when the cannula is disconnected! I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet?!?! I guess, I expect to much from the PDM.

  • Guayo

    Sorry for my english its not my first language. I work with MM pumps. They have an oclussion alarm, but when your infusion set comes off you cant get an alarm because the insulin is moving. You can notice it by the smell. So sorry but how can the pump know that the canula is not in the right place, it can alert you when it has an oclussion because no insulin is moving, but no when the canula has come off.

  • pam

    Omnipod is no longer going to replace pods that have adhesive issues. So if they don’t stick or the canula pops out …you are out the pump. This was told to me today when I called OmniPod.

    I have been on this pump 1.5 and have had so many failures, high bgs …I think it’s time to switch back to Minimed.

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