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Twitter Monday: Diabetes Daily, D-rap battle results and more

There was so many different things happening over this past week on twitter.  I am going to try to cover them all. 


George (@ninjabetic) wrote a blog titled “Blame Diabetes” !   The post was great.  If you haven’t read it, please do. blamedTo sum it all up…PWD’s (people with diabetes) and Type 3 diabetic’s often blame themselves for every thing diabetes related.  I can’t blame diabetes for everything but  for anything diabetes related why not?  George created a twitter hashtag #blamediabetes.  If you are having a bad diabetes day–tweet it, don’t hold it in.  Please use #blamediabetes hashtag.   I hope to see diabetes trend one day, wouldn’t you?







Diabetes Daily-August 2009 monthly challenge

ddchallengeWould you like to exercise but can’t seem to find the time to do it? Do you want to exercise but can’t find a cheering squad or a workout buddy? Trying to figure out a way to lower your blood glucose eadings?  Diabetes Daily-August 2009 challenge maybe the thing for you.  David ( co-founder of to encourage everyone to get out and exercise for 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week.  I don’t know about you–I need shed a few pounds and tighten up my abs.  Why not share your experience with other people on twitter by tweeting whatever exercise you did w/ hashtag #ddchallenge.  I promise you’ll have a cheering squad in twitterville!  I am going to participate, are you?






I would like to personally thank everyone who attended the d-rapbattle via tokbox on Friday.  Even though George (ninjabetic) murdered me.  I had a ball. I promise you, I’ll win the dance off.  If you would like to see my dancing moves check out Sara’s “Beat it” post.  I promise if your having a bad day, it’ll make you laugh.


Have a great week!

Be Blessed





I still can’t believe I am going to do this. I am a shy person:)

George (ninjabetic) and Ig&me1

Short and to the point: Wednesday night, George (@ninjabetic) challanged me to a freestyle rap battle. Oh, NO! HE DIDN’T….It’s on! The first ever #d-rapbattle will be held July 31, 2009, 7:30 PST. The #D-rapbattle will be brought to you live via You have to watch twitter for the invite. If you decide to watch/listen to the #d-rapbattle, PLEASE make sure your have your headset/earphones on. I am excited…hahaha I’ll see you there.

Be Blessed


Ninjabetic aka G-money bka G! Dang dude you have way tooo many nicknames. Lol…Gangsta G is fitting for this post. Don’t you think?

Dinner w/ Jaimie, George and Sara

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Jaimie, Sara and George(ninjabetic) on Thursday evening. I pulled up to chick-fil-a. George and Sara pulled up, followed by Jaimie. George and Sara wanted to grab “In and Out”.  I found out the onion ring smell coming from “In and Out” weren’t really onion rings, it’s grilled onions.  We walked over to “In and Out” they ordered food and we all started talking about Michael Jackson. George talked about the “Off the wall” album, Jaimie brought up watching the “Thriller Video”, Sara was a late Michael Jackson listener and ME I loved his music. 

We headed to Chick-fil-a with “In and Out”.  We watched Niya play in the play area.  We talked about Pumps, Carbs and life.  Sara took a few pic’s.  We went outside and I started blasting Michael Jackson’s music.  We all sang and danced.  lol Sara recorded me break dancing and paying tribute to the King of Pop. 

We all said our good-bye’s. Hoped in our car’s and left. 

I always have fun with George, Jaimie and Sara.  If you ever have the chance to meet them, you should.  They are awesome people and great friends.


Be Blessed