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Diabetic Prayer by My Type 3

Sunday, Niya and I were sitting at the table–“Did you say your prayer?”—She said, “Mom, here is my diabetic prayer.” Niya is amazing! I can’t believe how much she studies me. It’s touching! I hope you all enjoy!

Be Blessed



Diabetic Meet-up in Long Beach, CA

I don’t know about you but I enjoy talking to other PWD’s about life and of course diabetes.  If you are in the Southern California area you are invited to hangout and  have lunch with other PWD’s (person with diabetes).


Meet-up Information

Where: Chili’s–  

30 Shoreline Drive West

Long Beach, CA

(Long Beach Convention Center)

When: Saturday, July 25

Time: 1pm-3pm


Hope you can make it.  If not, Stay tuned for more Southern California Diabetic meet-up’s.


Be Blessed



Doc-Are you stuck on stupid?

 I have a high school friend who was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last week.    I let him know everything would be ok. He said he knew it would be but he know he doesn’t want to end up like his father, who died from complications from diabetes. I told him diabetes isn’t a death sentence, you just have to take care of yourself.   He had his first appointment today.

I sent my friend a text message to see how his appointment went.  The appointment went good.  The Doc gave him med’s and he is going to make an appointment to the endocrinologist I recommended.   My next question was “What meter did your Doc give you?”.   He text back.  “He didn’t give me one.”  blood_glucose_250x251I couldn’t believe what I just read.  Why would someone  give a newly diagnosed diabetic medication without a meter?  Is his Doc stuck on stupid; he must be. The  Doc is sending the wrong message–“It’s ok to take your medication but don’t test your blood sugar.” I don’t get it. 

I told my friend to continue to watch what he eats, until he get’s his meter. If he had any questions I will be willing to help as much as I could.  OMG! I am upset right now.   I bet his Doc doesn’t practice– Patient First.  What a shame!  I am so upset right now.  I don’t get it.  I know his Doc has plenty of meter’s to give out to newly diagnosed diabetic’s.  Maybe I’m wrong? 


Be Blessed


Please poke your finger 4 a good cause!

The other day I receieved an e-mail from Manny (President of DHF. Co-founder of TuDiabetes and EstuDiabetes) I wanted to share this e-mail with you all.

14,000 People With Diabetes Test Their Blood Sugar at the Same Time


BERKELEY, CA: July 8, 2009 – July 14, at 4:00 pm ET, 14,000 people worldwide will test their blood sugar simultaneously and share their results online through (, a social network for people touched by Diabetes which originated in March 2007, as well as through its sister Spanish language social network, (

The idea for the test-in came from Kelly Rawlings, someone who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 35 years. Kelly is one of the nearly 10,000 members at, which has been called the “Myspace on Insulin” and a “Facebook for Diabetes.”

“People with diabetes have to test their blood sugar as part of their daily routine: it’s like drinking water or brushing your teeth,” said Manny Hernandez, co-founder of and a person with diabetes himself. “When Kelly mentioned having a collective test-in, I thought it would be a great way for thousands of us to connect and raise awareness about diabetes.”

Currently, more than 250 million people are afflicted with diabetes. In the month of July, TuDiabetes will pass 10,000 registered members, and, the sister social network about diabetes in Spanish, passed 4,000 registered members touched by diabetes from Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, the US and other countries. In both communities, initiatives to raise diabetes awareness are the primary focus, making the combined 14,000-member milestone yet another opportunity to shed light on this chronic condition.

Participating in this initiative to raise diabetes awareness is easy:
· If you are a member of TuDiabetes or EsTuDiabetes, click on the home page banner and share your reading.
·If you have a Twitter account, post your reading on Twitter (use the #14KPWD hashtag) and link back to:
· If you prefer, update your status on Facebook or your preferred social network, linking back to:

“We hope to see most readings posted at 4 pm ET on July 14. If you are a few minutes late, however, or are able to post your blood sugar reading earlier or later that day, it’s OK,” said Hernandez. “What really matters is that you test your blood sugar regularly. If you don’t have diabetes, just tell someone who does to test and share on July 14.”

Please!!!! add July 14, 2009 4pm EST to your calender, Iphone, Mobile device or PDA.


Who: _________(your name)

When: July 14, 2009 4pm EST, 3pm Central, 1pm Pacific

Where: home, bathroom, work, lunch, car (don’t wreck) school, pool– wherever you maybe during this time

What: Test your blood sugar

Why: Awareness

Will you POKE your finger for a good cause? I know I will.

Be Blessed


BTW, don’t forget yo wash your hands for “accurate” bg (blood glucose) reading. This is a B.Y.O.M (bring your own meter), B.Y.O.T. (bring your own test strips), B.Y.O.L (bring you own lancing device) event.

Motivation. Lost?!??

Since I started going back to the gym, I noticed a huge change in my bg’s, a change for the better When I go to the gym, my bg’s average 90-95! That’s plenty of motivation for me. We all know saying and doing are two different things.

I haven’t been to the gym in almost a week. I wake up in the morning, pack my bag, hop in the car, drive to work and 8 hours later—I don’t feel like going to the gym. I’m not sure what or why my will to exercise slipped away. I need to get it back! Can someone send me some gym vibes???

Be Blessed

iPhone blog

Pod alarm…

I don’t have a lot of issues with the Omnipod, when I do they always seem to happen at the worst time.   I was at dinner with my Niya.  I heard Peep, Peep and Peep. I thought the peeping was coming from the kitchen, since we were sitting close to it.    When I walked outside the resturant door, the peeping sound was a lot louder.  I hoped in my car, pulled out the PDM(btw, the color screen is awesome), it read occlusion. Hum, I was a little upset.  The Pod was on my body for a little over 24 hours– the PDM deactivated the Pod.  I drove home.


The first thing I did was call Insulet.

Me: “Hello! I am calling Per PDM, my Pod has an occlusion.”

CSR: “Ok, let me start by getting your name.”

Me:  “My name is Cherise.  I live in ……”

CSR: “OK, what’s going on?”

Me:  “I had my Pod on for a over 24 hours and it’s alarming! It says it has an occlusion.”

CSR: “Ok, Did you pinch the skin when you applied the POD?”

Me: “Yes.”

CSR: “Did you check for occlusions?”

Me: “Um, I just started using insulin in Jan 2008.  I don’t think I have any skin tissue built up any where.”

CSR: “Well, you wouldn’t be able to see the skin tissue, it’s not laying on top of the skin. Do you alternate site?”

Me: “Ok, I am a little upset. Why do I have to answer the same questions everytime I call?  I am not upset with you, just a little frustrated. Yes, I alternate site.  I use my butt, back, arms, inner and outter thighs ”

CSR: “I am sorry but I have to ask you these questions.  If they see the questions weren’t answered and I send you out a new Pod, I could be terminated. ”

Me: “I understand.  Wouldn’t you feel the same way?”

CSR: “Yes, I would.”

Me: ” I am not mad at you, just upset. ”

CSR: “I am going to send you a new Pod.  Do you want me to send it now or with your next shipment?”

Me: “I would have to wait another 3 months, please send it now.”

CSR: “Thank you! Have a nice night.”

I am sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on the lady but the last thing I want is someone giving me the third degree about replacing a Pod. Look in your records…I haven’t I called about this before?  I have other things to worry about…hint: diabetes


Be Blessed


5 years with diabetes: More than just number

5 years ago today,   I developed a yeast infection that I couldn’t get rid of.   I scheduled an appointment with my NP.  I walked into the exam room hoping to get relief from the itchy feeling I had but instead I walked out with something I didn’t expect…I walked out with diabetes.  The first person I called was my mom, couldn’t call my husband because he was in Iraq.  I cried.   I read all the information I could from the internet.  I asked questions.  I gained knowledge for a disease I was clueless about.  I counted carbs and maintained my blood sugar. 5 years later,  I am still going strong. 

I am blessed- I haven’t been in the hospital due to diabetes.  I am blessed, I have a supportive husband who made the lifestyle change with me.  He holds my hand,  sits through some of my frustrated times and tells me when I maybe too high or too low.    I refuse to let diabetes steal my JOY.  I refuse to let diabetes take over my body.  If I have to give up cakes, pie’s or ice cream to live a long life with diabetes I will.  But If I was to ever developed complications, at least I can say I tried.

Diabetes has been a blessing in my life.  I am still new at it but it doesn’t matter how long someone has been living with diabetes, it’s not an easy task for anyone at any stage in the game.  I have met a lot of interesting people,  gained friendships  and formed bonds with people who understand diabetes.  I’ve heard their stories and have a new found respect for them.  They are no longer just my friends with diabetes, they are my brother’s and sister’s.   

I don’t look at diabetes as a curse.  I don’t hate diabetes.  I show it love, I embrace it.  I was taught “If you can’t fix it, why complain about it?” I stopped complaining about it along time ago.  I want to take what I’ve learned about diabetes and living with it to a whole different level.  I want to educate the world one person at a time.  If I can change 1 person’s evil thoughts about diabetes, that means I’ve done my job.  I am more than just a number.   I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I am a person living with diabetes. 

I am blessed and thankful to lived 5 years with diabetes.   I pray for many more years to come.


Be Blessed