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Do you like going to the Endocrinologist?

I have to be honest. I am addicted to Twitter! I love tweeting with other diabetic’s. It’s hands down the best way to explain yourself, ask a question, cry and get your question answered in 140 characters or less. It’s awesome! if your not on twitter you may want to join.

Rainbowgoddess sent a tweet (see below):

@rainbowgoddess -“I have an endocrinologist appointment tomorrow. Am I the only person who looks forward to endo appointments? I like Dr. M he’s fun.”

I tweeted back- “I like my appointments too!”

@rainbowgoddess -“That’s good to hear, I hear a lot of diabetic’s dislike their endo’s. I knew one guy who referred to his “endocriminologist.”


I love going to see Wes (Endo). I ask a lot of questions– What’s new in the Endo office… new studies yadda, yadda, yadda. I like to see how much weight I gained or lost. In my head I am S5FL (size 5 for life). I don’t keep a scale in my house; I refuse to buy one. We talk about low’s, hi’s, adjust basal, bolus or insulin to carb ratio’s. I like to see how many people are on the pump/pod. We talk about the CGM. lab are always a HUGE topic. I know when my A1C is going to be a little on the HI or low side. I know the A1C is just a 3 month number but it’s kinda good to know. I like to know what improvements I need to make. I am not perfect! I am open for suggestions. If I have an emergency, I get in the same day. My endo’s office abides by “Patients first”. Ok, time to stop plugging my Endo’s office.

There are a couple things I don’t like. I wish they had a diabetic support group. IMOP, If your specializing in any disease you should have a support group. Wouldn’t that be cool? I also, wish I could go to the Endo on a Saturday; I hate missing work.

I have heard a lot of scarey stories about Endo’s. I am blessed I haven’t encountered a bad Endo yet. I’ll keep praying I don’t but if I do…I’ll drop him/her like a bad habit. If we don’t take care about our health, who else will?

Do you like going to the Endo?

Be Blessed



Has it already been a year?



OMG! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 1 year. Time sure flies by when your having fun.  I don’t have much to blog about today.  So, I decided to share my first few post with my friends. 

My first blog post (minus a few lines) 5/4/08-In December of 2007, I noticed my BG’s were getting a little out of control; I would only eat 2 carb choices (30g of carbs) and my readings would read 200. I called my new NP and she said maybe I had an infection; test came back negative for infection. I called back a week later; fasting BG’s 150 and above. We thought I could be pregnant; not the case. She added metformin before lunch to my already 2 glipizde’s bid (2.5mg), 2 metformin’s bid (500mg). I called her back a week later; med’s still not working. I asked her to put a referral in for me to see a Endo. I went to see NP at the Endo’s office and he changed my medication again; still didn’t work. I told Wesley I was DX w/ Type 1.5/LADA. He ran GAD65 test and told me I am now a Type 1 diabetic because my antibodies attacked my immune system. I was placed on Lantus once a day at night; still didn’t work, my Before and after meal BG’s were still too high. I went back to the office and Wesley put me on Humolog 3x a day. He said I might want to start looking into insulin pumps.

I told him I was interested in the OMNIPOD system.  I went on You Tube and saw how the omnipod system worked; it’s my best option. I put my authorization request in. I was denied by my insurance because the only documentation I sent is stated I was a Type 2 diabetic. I appealed the denial and it was overturned. My Pod is due to arrive on Thursday. I am excited. No more MDI (multiple daily injections) for me.
Here’s another: 5/7/08

It’s early here, good thing the alarm clock went off, my Bg’s are low;
I hate being low! My legs shake and I get overly excited about
everything. I am shocked I am low.

Last night I decided to have sum 10 chicken nuggets (5=15g) and about
10 French fries (22g); yummy for my tummy! My before bed bg’s was 195
after almost 2 hours…just have to watch it! Luckily I don’t eat
nuggets and fries all the time or I need to make sure I take more than
5 units of insulin—I thought 5 units would be enough.
Work is going to be a little crazy for the rest of the week! We are
short staffed. Lord, please give me the strength to make it at work w/
o killing anyone ( just a figure of speech). Cause I am going to need
you today; like everyday.


Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.  I really appreciate the support from the DOC community! Please continue to visit, read or leave a comment if you like.  I really appreciate all of the love you all have shown to “Diabeticizme”.  I promise to keep on providing to tunes (blogs) to keep you ROCKING (reading).

Be Blessed


My 1st experience: ADA Diabetic Expo-Prt 1

Diabetes has been living with me for almost 5 years.   I read a lot of stories and pretty much stay update on all things diabetes via the Internet.  I have only read one book about diabetes and I wouldn’t say it’s really a book about diabetes because it’s more about pumping insulin.  I figure why spend money on a book when I can catch up and learn more from reading blog’s, news, health info via the Internet and WHY not try going to the American Diabetes Assocation Diabetic Expo?  I mean wouldn’t you think it would be all things diabetes? healthy living, exercise and all things diabetes?? How exciting to be in a room filled with Diabetic’s of all different ages, ethnic background’s and different Types.  I was really pumped up and excited so,  Saturday I met Jaimie and we took a trip to Long Beach, CA to attend our first Diabetic Expo.  

We arrived at the expo. The first thing we see is a sign that say’s “Diabetic Parking”…lol I know it’s a little dingy but I had to take a picture of it.


We entered the Long Beach convention center and it was packed, wall to wall.  I thought it was cool to see the diabetic community come out to support the event.  Jaimie and I continued to walk and the smile I had on my face was washed away when I noticed the first booth,”Gastric Bypass and Lapband surgery.” There isn’t anything wrong with Gastric Bypass or Lapband sx, but I do have a problem with there being 3 booths and people getting their hopes up.  Gastric bypass and lapband are very hard to get approved through insurance companies.  When you have a FREE event that have  a lot of medcaid and medicare population…why would you market things that are so far out of reach. Medicare will barely pay for pump supplies and testing supplies, let alone gastric bypass sx.  

I did enjoy the Sweet Sucessbooth.  Sweet Success is a California Diabetes and Pregnancy program.   Sweet Success is a program based on seeing High risk pregnant women who have gestational diabetes mellitus.  I talked to the rep there, she said they see on average 20,000 women.  I asked her to explain the program to me.  Sandra (I think that’s her name) said, the ladies walk through the door and are greeted by MD’s, NP’s and Nutritionist. They help the woman from start to finish on managing diabetes by teaching them proper nutrition and how to maintain bg levels.  I could blog about Sweet Success all day but you have to check out their site.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the Sweet Success program around the USA.

The expo set-up wasn’t great.  Great speakers and great chef’s but you could hardly hear them speak due to the live band playing in the background.

To Be Cont…..Meet-up with Jaimie, George and Jenny & overall rating of the ADA Diabetic expo.

Be Blessed


My New Gig…Sweet Talk

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, dying eggs, eating egg’s and pigging out on some good food on Easter Sunday.  I went on a Easter egg hunt with my daughter on Saturday.  I had a nice time, I think I will sit out next year’s community Easter egg hunt.  No offense to anyone but there not for me.  I thought it would be cool to take my daughter to this particular event because it was at her school.  The sad thing, people take advantage of “FREE”, if you know what I mean.

 I am happy to join the sweet talk team.  I will be a hosting the show along side, Jill and Mike.  Sweet talk is a podcast about living with diabetes and much more.  The cool thing about it is all the host have diabetes.  Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of recording my first episode of sweettalk as a host, I was a guest on a past show. If you haven’t already subscribed to Sweettalk’s podcast, please do.   If you have any show idea’s or want to listen to the show,  visit

Be Blessed


Why I blog

A month ago I was asked by Mike Lawson, “Why Do you blog?” I didn’t answer his question, I kind of shyed away from it. I do remember one thing I said, “I blog because it’s theraputic. If I can share my story with someone else, why not?” Although it sounded like a good answer…I don’t think it was.

I started blogging in May 2008. I was searching on the internet, found dlife. I was amazed at all of the diabetic blogs I read! later on in the week. I was searching for Omnipod bloggers, I ran across I became a member and I talked to my Scott (husband) about starting my own blog. He thought it was a great ideal. I called my Mom, she helped me come up with names. I thought about using my Dx’d date 6/14/04…naw didn’t like that. I thought about “Life,Diabetes,ME”- I actually enjoyed it but it didn’t fit me. Last but not least. I asked my Mom about Diabeticisme. She liked it but she asked me to take away the “Is” and replace it with “Iz”! She said it would add a little more spice and it fits me more. DiabeticizMe was born.

I had a name, but why did I want to blog?

I started DiabeticizMe for me and for the person who doesn’t know how to come to terms with diabetes, I want them to know you can live with it. I wanted reach out to people with my issues/ non-issues. I wanted to share my life, struggles, cheat days, high bg’s readings, carb counting and so much more. I am glad I did. Blogging has taught me a lot about the Diabetic Online Community. I have met a lot of fun, interesting people–I consider them my family. To sum it all up, blogging has become my therapy, my passion and I love it!

My question to you: Why do you blog about Diabetes?

Be Blessed


Happy Birthday George B.k.A NinjaBetic

Happy Birthday to my friend (brotha from another mutha) George Simmons B.K.A. Ninjabetic or G-money! You have been a great inspiration in my life as well as many other’s. Keep laughing, smiling and blogging about the “D”. May God continue to Bless you with many years to come.

Be Blessed


Happy 2nd Anniversary TuDiabetes

In May 2008, I was searching the web for information on the Omnipod System. I found! Wow! TuDiabetes was a blessing! I’ve learned so much from the community, it’s been a blessing for me.
TuDiabetes is my home away from home and my help in the mist of a diabetes crisis. If you post a question someone will answer. If you’ve given up on Diabetes you can find words of encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow.

October 2008, I had the chance to meet the brains behind TuDiabetes! Manny and Andreina are wounderful people, warm hearted and what I consider my extended family!

I want to thank Manny Hernandez and Andreina for creating my home away from home…


Be Blessed
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