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I’m getting along fine with diabetes

I’m a little curious…Are you and the “D” getting along? My current A1C is 6.3! I am very happy with it. I actually couldn’t believe it. It was 6.9 prior to my last apppintment. So, I’ve made some adjustments in my life to better my relationship with the “D”. The first thing I did was lower the amount of carbs I eat. I know low carb doesn’t work for everyone, it works for me. I have been able to mantain great bg’s (average 100). The next thing I did was increase my exercise. Woot! Exercise is great for all diabetic’s not matter whay type you have. The problem with exercise is trying to adjust, I could either be too high or too low. Patience is the key. Fix it and tweek it. It takes time but you can do it. I would rather be around with the “D”, rather than 6ft deep due to complications.

I am not looking for perfection. I want to see steady numbers without deprieveing myself. Diabetes is a pain but it’s not the hardest thing to deal with. I make sacrifices to live a healthy, long life.

Be Blessed
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I hate testing at………

I am laying in bed, PDM (meter) on my night stand, should be my motivation to test before bed, right? Wrong!
I have an issue. I hate testing my bg’s before bed. I would rather lay down, watch T.V. and fall asleep–like any other American! I know I’m not any other American, I have Diabetes. Not testing at night means I’m willing to accept the consquences of waking up with a HIGH fasting blood sugar, I did it last night— I’m not willing to accept another HIGH fasting number (130). I am trying to get better control. So, I am going to roll over test my bg’s and bolus if needed.

Got my PDM in hand…5-4-3-2-1! Oh my 191…10 piece chicken nugget meal w/ side salad made me that high…

*WTFudge Cake*

I’m glad I followed my first thought and rebuked my “none” diabetic thoughts.

Be Blessed
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One Low Number, throws me off

Sunday, I went to my other house to pick up a few things, yadda, yadda.  I ate a snack before I left home, moving a lot lowers my bg’s fast.  I decided to eat a Quaker Oat bar, thought it would work but it didn’t.  I promised I would take my daughter to Red Robin, she was sleep.  I went to Jack in the Box for lunch instead.  I checked my bg’s 62.  Glad I caught it before it went any lower.  I ate and bolused accordingly. 

Later that night I went to Red Robin; I’m so tired of that place.  My Pre-meal bg was in the 180’s (what’s really going on).  I ordered a chicken salad, with poppy seed dressing and ate a fewfries.  I tested before I went to bed, 202. My first thought, poppy seed dressing shouldn’t bother my bg’s that much. Second thought, I almost knocked my Pod off. Checked my site, everything looks good.  I went to bed…fasting BG 120.  

 I am not sure what happened, it’s amazing how not one day is the same with Diabetes.

Mood Swings and Crazy BG’s

This weekend I experienced a lot of HIGH numbers not sure why. I thought it was my POD, I changed it and my bg’s are still out of control. I haven’t felt this out of sink, in a very long time! On top of my HIGH bg’s I wasn’t a nice person to be around.  I am sure I am not the only person who has experience DMS. I know some people get them when they are extremely low but I am the total opposite. DMS (Diabetic Mood Swings) is worse than my PMS swings. When I get high over 250, DMS kicks in. I was mean to my Husband yesterday; sorry if your reading this.

 It’s strange how bg’s have an affect on everything, that’s why I try hard to control diabetes.  I do all I can but my body does it’s on thing.  I don’t know! it is driving me crazy, no change in diet or anything. I woke up this morning, fasting bg of 242; way too high. Going through this episode, seems like deja vu.   

I have Type 1.5/LADA,  I took oral med’s for 3.5 years. All of a sudden..  No matter what I ate the oral med’s didn’t help me at all.  I felt like I lost control. Until I was put on insulin! I thought I was back in control again and now for some reason I’m not….GO FIGURE!  For the past 2 weeks my fasting numbers have been off the chart.  I ruled out Aunt Dottie and the OMNIPOD.  NOW, WHAT???? could it be insulin resistance to the 10th POWER? WHO knows??? 

I am going to make a call to Welsey (Endo), better yet I will E-mail him tonight. IF you have any suggestions, fill free to leave a comment.

It’s that time again, Aunt Dottie’s back

Dear Aunt Dottie,

I noticed you decided to visit me today, I was so happy when I saw you. I knew I could defeat you (thanks to my friends at am more prepared than ever! I am in control of YOU! I changed my basal dosage to 8.0 from 4-6 am; for some odd reason YOU make my fasting bg’s higher than normal. I will not allow you to ruin my bg’s for the next 7 days, just because God invited you to visit, doesn’t mean I will let you bring the DEVIL out; I was already mean to my Husband because of you. I want you to stop beating my body up and sending me through an emotional roller coaster. I am in control of you. I suggest you fix your attitude or pack your bags and leave…


Darn….I forgot I can’t check you out! you’ll be back next month!

My talk with Wesley…

It’s no secret…I’ve been having problems with the Dawn P. I am not ashamed to say but gosh if I could get my fasting BG’s back in order I think I would be good to go. I called Wesley (NP, Endo office), I let him know I can go to bed with my BG being 106 and wake up with it being 120! he said it’s not that bad but I would need to keep increasing my basal rate from 4-6 am to .75 and keep increasing until I get my fasting bg’s lowered! I’ll keep trying and trying!!!I will not let DAWN P. beat me…hahahaha

Fasting Bg’s

It’s been a busy week for me! My mother in-law is visiting from MO! I am glad she is here, she’s such a big help! She takes such good care of me! I come home from work…house is cleaned! She even fixed my lunch the other night…lol She said I needed a break because I work to hard; I wish my 2 year old thought like that. Mother’s never get a break.

I have started walking every night; I should never had stopped. I was having issues with my fasting BG’s, I knew if I walked a mile before bed my fasting Bg’s would be under 100; I was right! why did I ever stop??? The other night I forgot to lower my basal rate and I dropped in the middle of the night. I had to walk around the house searching for glucose tablets! My Husband said, “Baby, you need to keep those tablets next to the bed.” I know I need to be more careful. I get a little confused setting my night time basal rate. I do good all day but my fasting BG’s are terrible. I thing still has me guessing all the time! I am taking baby steps, I am going to get this night time BASAL rate down! I hope I am not the only person who is having this issue! Do you have a bed time routine you follow to keep your fasting BG’s below 100?