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Bagel=Not Good for me

Bagels have a 48-60 grams of carbs per 1 whole bagel. I NEVER eat Bagel’s. I always look at the package and quickly put it back down.

This morning Niya wanted a bagel for breakfast,me being the mother I am, stopped at the local grocery store for bagels.

I found the bread aisle. Ding, jackpot bagel’s. I grabbed about 5 different types of bagels and I found the perfect one for me. Sara Lee plain bagels. The best part, 34 grams of carbs for 1 whole bagel. I was sold. Paid. I left the store with a huge (sugar free) kool-aid smile.

At work. Headed straight to the breakroom and popped my bagel in the toaster. Gosh, the taste of the bagel was awesome; pure heaven on earth.

2 hours later, checked my bg 220! Holy crap! No more bagel’s for me! *crying*

What brand of bagel’s do you eat? I’m curious

Be Blessed
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Headache! Blood Glucose 235

 My blood glucose level right now is 235.  I have a headache out of this world, very sluggish and just want to lay down.  I can’t imagine having high blood glucose level’s all the time, I feel sorry for anyone who experience’s high blood glocuse level’s all the time! Every now and then—I get a high, glad it’s not an on going thing.   I don’t think my body could take it! It’s mentally and physicially draining….I can’t believe I was that far off on my bolus!  What’s done is done. No need to dwell on it.

Gotta go do some moving around, I am tired of feeling like this!

Be Blessed


Vlog-Fast food/Restaurant Carb Counting

 Knowing what your eating is the most important part of controlling and maintaining your blood glucose levels.  You have to know what your putting in your mouth to live a healthy life with diabetes. Diabetic’s have to know the total number of carbs in everything we eat. 

In this Vlog I am going to talk about counting carbs at a fast food or major restaurant chain.  You can stop avoiding certain fast food places/restaurant’s because they don’t list the carb content. The “Resturant” app on the iphone is wonderful app to have and it’s free.

Be Blessed


Don’t fail me now, Please don’t


I went to Arizona this weekend to attend my BSF (best sister friends) baby shower.   On Sunday we decided to go to lunch since spent most of the morning putting Avery’s (soon to be god son) room together. So we went restaurant hunting at Gilbert’s new shopping area; nothing was appeasing to me. Finally, Eboni (BSF) mention LoLo’s in Phoenix.  LoLo’s is a SOUL FOOD restaurant that has a lot of none diabetic friendly items.  I figured what the heck–I’m going to cheat today.  


We were seated. I pulled my PDM (omnipod) out.  I went through the food menu to see what I wanted to eat.  I chose the Fried Catfish platter.  I had the option of 2 sides, I went with Greens and Candy Yams. I pulled my PDM out to find out what the carb content would be for the items I chose since, the carb content wasn’t listed.  Candy Yam (Sweet Potatoes) 50 carbs, Greens about 9 grams per serving.  I pulled out my PDM, tested my BG’s and it read 81! I was very happy about that.  I went to bolus and the PDM started alarming..PEEP, PEEP.  WTF, call customer service and remove POD. Ok, I don’t feel like dealing with this right now….grrr! I had my insulin pen for a backup.  Just as I was injecting, the manager of the resturant came to our table. She looked down and saw me injecting…just to make her feel comfortable–  I said “I hope your food is good enough for me to cheat.” She started laughing.

I injected 4 units of insulin.  I enjoyed all of my food.  I did decide not to eat all of my Candy Yams; I would have been passed out somewhere.  The manager came back and asked how the food was I let her know it was worth it!!

I jumped back in the car and tried calling Insulet (OmniPod), but my Iphone kept dropping the calls. I finally reached for Meechaw’s Blackberry and I made a connection with the OmniPod rep. 

I let her know I was upset because I was out of town and my PDM stopped bolusing.  She had me try to re-set the pod about 6 times, take the batteries out 4 times and the PDM still kept alarming.  I finally said, I am not doing this again. We’ve tried resetting the PDM, taking the batteries out and the PDM still keeps alarming.  I am frustrated and upset because the product failed me when I was away from home. She said ok. I will send you another PDM overnight.  I said fine! She said I will not get the PDM until Tuesday. I said FINE!  I told her I was upset and I would be blogging about it.  She sounded a little confused but she said ok. 

I things you use everyday…fails you at the oddest times.  The PDM failed…I tried to reason with it but it didn’t work.  My iphone…grr don’t get me started on it.  It dropped every single call I made until I left the city of Gilbert and Pheonix….GRR! shoot…I forgot to call APPLE today.

Gotta go! I can feel my blood pressure rising just blogging about it!

Be Blessed-Cherise

Food log: gave up, well not really

January 1, 2009 I decided to try to keep a food log for every meal I ate. I did pretty good the first couple of weeks. Slowly but surely, just like every other New Year’s plan–I didn’t keep it up. I had GREAT intentions to do so, but life alters those plans. I have a 3 year old daughter…LOL that’s all I have to say, you understand.

I revised my idea of a food log…instead of tracking every single meal I eat.I’m gonna track the food that makes my bg’s rise; I’m sure I’ll be able to keep it up! Who knows maybe work my way back up to an actual food journal.

Start small and go from there:)

Be Blessed
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You are what you eat, Really?

You are what you eat.  I have heard this phrase an awful lot in my 28 years of life.   I have been thinking “Am I really what I eat” for a few days now…not sure why.   I know people will have their on opinions but in my opinion I don’t care for it.  “You are what you eat” reminds me of people saying “Your a diabetic because you eat a lot of sugar.” Not true at all.  

If I eat 10 pizza’s a day for life doesn’t mean I am going to be overweight. I have seen a lot of people who consume a lot of food and never gain weight.  I have seen overweight people consume little or no food, still gain weight and as a matter of fact some people who are overweight are a lot healthier than skinny people.  I believe little to no activity causes weight gain.  Health issues can cause weight gain.  I do believe genetic’s play a huge part in weight gain.

“You are what you eat?” NOPE.  My new saying…What you consume may or may not be bad for your health. Who knows??? I can tell you this “You can eat all the sugar in the world, could be at risk for diabetes but you may never get it.”

Be Blessed


lol, I still don’t know why I blogged about this….:)

How do you know?

I am preparing to attend my BSF’s (best sister friends) baby shower! I’m excited for her, it’ll be her first child. She’ll be a great mother. The best thing about it all is I am going to be a god mother in about 3 weeks.
I was talking to my BSF, planning the menu for the shower. My BSF went over the food list…potato salad, baked beans, veggie tray, meat balls and pies. I asked “What kind of drinks will be there?” Her response…”Lemonade, punch and beer.” My response …”Will there be anything diet to drink for diabetic’s.” She said, “Only you and Uncle have diabetes. We can have diet pop there. Plus, “M” is buying beer”
My response (here I go playing the diabetic advocate) “How do you know there only 2 people who have diabetes?” She said she knows because people wouldn’t drink if they have diabetes. I let her know that there are a lot of in the closet Diabetic’s, everyone isn’t open and still in denial about having diabetes and just because they have diabetes doesn’t mean they won’t drink. She said she knew that me and Uncle are the only diabetic’s who will be attending the shower.

Here’s what I think: How do you know?you don’t know unless someone says something. Just because you see a face doesn’t mean you truly know them. Heck,I don’t look like a diabetic but guess what I am. I am outspoken when it comes to Diabetes but millions of people aren’t! I see it and deal with it a lot. People are ashamed of the “D” or just don’t like people being in their kool-aid.

Before we went on…I changed the subject because I know it wouldn’t matter!

I just ask this:

When planning social event’s that envolves food–think about everyone and don’t assume that there are only a few diabetic’s in the room because there could be a few more lurking in the room.

Be Blessed
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