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Diabetic Meet-up in Long Beach, CA

I don’t know about you but I enjoy talking to other PWD’s about life and of course diabetes.  If you are in the Southern California area you are invited to hangout and  have lunch with other PWD’s (person with diabetes).


Meet-up Information

Where: Chili’s–  

30 Shoreline Drive West

Long Beach, CA

(Long Beach Convention Center)

When: Saturday, July 25

Time: 1pm-3pm


Hope you can make it.  If not, Stay tuned for more Southern California Diabetic meet-up’s.


Be Blessed




Click, Click, Click 14k times

July 14, 2009 ate 4pm EST–14,000 People with Diabetes Test Their Blood Sugar at the same time! I was part of the massive lancing device “clicking” and meter’s beeping.  I never have an issue testing my bg’s, but this time it had a meaning….I tested my bg’s with my brother’s and sister’s around the world who have diabetes.  I was sitting at work, watching all of the tweets.  The count down began.  The DOC (Diabetic online community) was showing their support on twitter by tweeing #14kPWD.  Manny would tweet and the rest of the community would retweet.   I decided to record my experience. I was in the bathroom when I recorded the video, lol by any means necessary:)


here are a few tweets I captured with my iphone.






It was amazing! Twitter was filled with #14kPWD and Tudiabetes was flooded with reading’s from around the world.  Who would’ve ever thought…1 sugachine, 1 lancet, 1 lancing device and 1 test strip would bring unity to the diabetic community….:)    What were your thoughts when you tested your blood sugar and posted the information? lol, maybe I’m being a little TOO emotional !?!?!

Be Blessed


5 years with diabetes: More than just number

5 years ago today,   I developed a yeast infection that I couldn’t get rid of.   I scheduled an appointment with my NP.  I walked into the exam room hoping to get relief from the itchy feeling I had but instead I walked out with something I didn’t expect…I walked out with diabetes.  The first person I called was my mom, couldn’t call my husband because he was in Iraq.  I cried.   I read all the information I could from the internet.  I asked questions.  I gained knowledge for a disease I was clueless about.  I counted carbs and maintained my blood sugar. 5 years later,  I am still going strong. 

I am blessed- I haven’t been in the hospital due to diabetes.  I am blessed, I have a supportive husband who made the lifestyle change with me.  He holds my hand,  sits through some of my frustrated times and tells me when I maybe too high or too low.    I refuse to let diabetes steal my JOY.  I refuse to let diabetes take over my body.  If I have to give up cakes, pie’s or ice cream to live a long life with diabetes I will.  But If I was to ever developed complications, at least I can say I tried.

Diabetes has been a blessing in my life.  I am still new at it but it doesn’t matter how long someone has been living with diabetes, it’s not an easy task for anyone at any stage in the game.  I have met a lot of interesting people,  gained friendships  and formed bonds with people who understand diabetes.  I’ve heard their stories and have a new found respect for them.  They are no longer just my friends with diabetes, they are my brother’s and sister’s.   

I don’t look at diabetes as a curse.  I don’t hate diabetes.  I show it love, I embrace it.  I was taught “If you can’t fix it, why complain about it?” I stopped complaining about it along time ago.  I want to take what I’ve learned about diabetes and living with it to a whole different level.  I want to educate the world one person at a time.  If I can change 1 person’s evil thoughts about diabetes, that means I’ve done my job.  I am more than just a number.   I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I am a person living with diabetes. 

I am blessed and thankful to lived 5 years with diabetes.   I pray for many more years to come.


Be Blessed


Prt 2: Humor Me

I wrote a post a few weeks ago,  Humor Me.   My Supervisor held me hostage until my low (58) came up. I was told I needed to make an appointment with the Endo to see what was wrong with me.  I tried explaining there wasn’t anything wrong with me, but they didn’t want to hear it. I scheduled my appointment for 6-11-09.  This is how my appointment went:

Wes: “Cherise, what are you doing here so soon?”

Me: “Well, I had a bg of 58! My boss/supervisor said I needed to come see you because something isn’t right.”

Wes: “How many times has this happened?”

Me:  “Once.  I was very active at work during Memorial Day weekend.  I dropped. They made me come see you.”

Wes:” OK, that’s odd. They must not be a diabetic? ”

Me: “Not diabetic (I started laughing). Just worried about me.”

Wes: “What do they want me to do?”

He asked to see my PDM.  I gave it to him. 

Wes: “Cherise, your numbers are awesome.  The lowest you’ve been was 70, not bad at all.”

I asked Wes to Humor Me, he decided to send this letter to my boss/supervisor:



I am blessed to have co-workers who care about my well being.  I understand why they worry.  Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming at times.  I try to go with the flow sometime but it doesn’t follow me. Isn’t that what life with diabetes is about? 

Be Blessed


Btw, My insurance doesn’t require me to pay a copay to see the Endo.  If I had to pay I wouldn’t have went.

Humor Me

Recently, I’ve had a lot of low (hypoglycemia) blood sugars.  I’m not sure why, it’s been happening a lot at work.   The first occurrence happened on the Memorial Day weekend, when we have a 3 day weekend we have to double the work load.   I don’t work on Saturday or Sunday–the clock is still rolling, deadlines have to be met.  I ate chicken fried rice (homemade) for lunch.  I bolused for 34 carbs, extended 50% of my bolus out for 2 hours and ate lunch.    I went back to my desk, back to work I went.    Running around the office, I felt a little light headed.  I felt my world spinning.  I tested my blood sugar; meter read 58.  I looked in my purse for my glucose tabs, nothing there.  I checked my desk drawer, no glucose tabs.  I was ok, I asked my co-worker to grab me some candy.  My co-worker was scared, people started coming to my desk.  “Are you ok?”  I let them know I was fine.   “Do you need chocolate?”  No, thank you.  “Do you want me to go to the car to get the glucose tablets?” No, I’m ok.  I don’t want to over treat my low.  A few minutes passed, re-checked and my meter was 56.   The words weren’t coming out of my mouth as fast as my mind was processing them.  My Supervisor came over to me, “You are not driving home. Joy will drive you to pick up Niya.  You will sit at Joy’s house for a few hours before you can go home.”  scolding

My Motto: NO TALKING WHILE LOW!  I don’t want to say anything I can’t take back.  I have a lot of emotions running through my head, don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I decided to explain the importance of the CGM. CGM’s get denied a lot;  due to the Pt’s health plan but at least she has a better understanding. 

I ate a piece of bread w/ peanut butter, bg 78! yeppie!! I can go home.    My Supervisor asked me to Humor her, let someone take me home. LOL, I’m really ok.  I don’t need anyone to driver me anywhere.  She said, “Cherise, humor me.”  I obliged.  I hung out with my friend Joy for a few hours. Checked bg it was 120.  I texted my supervisor to let her know I made it home ok.  I returned back to work on Tuesday,  “Are you ok?” Yes.  I told my supervisor, “I felt like a hostage, held against my will.”  She said, “We care about you! WE didn’t want anything to happen to you.”

 It’s great to work with people who care, at the same time it could be a little overwhelming.  Are your co-workers a little over protective of you?

Be Blessed


Be Blessed

Diabetes Awareness: Do you live in NY?

If you are in the NY area and would like to spread diabetes awareness, please see below. 

Manny (TuDiabetes)-

On Tuesday, June 2nd, the CBS Early Show will air a segment mentioning the Diabetes Handprint. It will be an outdoor plaza/audience segment where the show’s weatherman, Dave Price, will mention the Diabetes Handprint during one of their weather breaks before commercial breaks. He will also mention how to participate.

The folks at the Diabetes Handprint project have asked us if we can help with the turnout. They need at least 50 audience members to support the project that morning (without that, the segment won’t happen) to be in the crowd outside on the plaza.

Things to be aware of:
* You would need to arrive at the CBS outdoor plaza (59th and 5th) at 7:15 a.m. and stay until 8:53 a.m.
* Family members and friends are welcome, but preferably no young children.
* Once the show is over, if you want, you could get a tour of the CBS studios.
* The Diabetes Handprint people will be giving out some t-shirts, hats, etc. and you may asked to wear one.
* They will have markers handy so you can write your word on your hand and show it with your arm raised when the camera pans to the audience.
* They may give out some signs and you could be asked to hold one up in the crowd or you can bring your homemade signs (and your word in your hand) to show.

If you are interested in participating, please RSVP by clicking on the “Will Attend” circle to the right.

Please spread the word and support Diabetes Awareness.


Be Blessed


Do you like going to the Endocrinologist?

I have to be honest. I am addicted to Twitter! I love tweeting with other diabetic’s. It’s hands down the best way to explain yourself, ask a question, cry and get your question answered in 140 characters or less. It’s awesome! if your not on twitter you may want to join.

Rainbowgoddess sent a tweet (see below):

@rainbowgoddess -“I have an endocrinologist appointment tomorrow. Am I the only person who looks forward to endo appointments? I like Dr. M he’s fun.”

I tweeted back- “I like my appointments too!”

@rainbowgoddess -“That’s good to hear, I hear a lot of diabetic’s dislike their endo’s. I knew one guy who referred to his “endocriminologist.”


I love going to see Wes (Endo). I ask a lot of questions– What’s new in the Endo office… new studies yadda, yadda, yadda. I like to see how much weight I gained or lost. In my head I am S5FL (size 5 for life). I don’t keep a scale in my house; I refuse to buy one. We talk about low’s, hi’s, adjust basal, bolus or insulin to carb ratio’s. I like to see how many people are on the pump/pod. We talk about the CGM. lab are always a HUGE topic. I know when my A1C is going to be a little on the HI or low side. I know the A1C is just a 3 month number but it’s kinda good to know. I like to know what improvements I need to make. I am not perfect! I am open for suggestions. If I have an emergency, I get in the same day. My endo’s office abides by “Patients first”. Ok, time to stop plugging my Endo’s office.

There are a couple things I don’t like. I wish they had a diabetic support group. IMOP, If your specializing in any disease you should have a support group. Wouldn’t that be cool? I also, wish I could go to the Endo on a Saturday; I hate missing work.

I have heard a lot of scarey stories about Endo’s. I am blessed I haven’t encountered a bad Endo yet. I’ll keep praying I don’t but if I do…I’ll drop him/her like a bad habit. If we don’t take care about our health, who else will?

Do you like going to the Endo?

Be Blessed