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What’s going on w/Twitter, SixuntilMe and FDA Petition


The past week has been extremely busy for me.  I am trying to keep up with everything and everyone.  I was introduced to twitter (twitter reminds me of IM but quick and to the point) by Jamie and now I am a little addicted.  I must say whoever came up with that idea was smart.  If you would like to follow me on twitter my twitter name is @Diabeticizme.



Kerri  is the author of  SixUntilMe  has been nominated for the Best Patient Blog.  Kerri deserves to win.  If you haven’t been to SUM, it’s a great blog  about diabetes, movies and other things… you should check it out SIXUNTILME it’s funny and informative.  After you read it and if you like what you see (I know you will)head on over to MedGadget to vote, she can’t win without it.  I voted a few days ago, now it’s your turn. 

HealTheFDA Petition Update

Manny sent a tweet stating the HealtheFDA petition reached 1,300 signatures thus far. The petition still has a long way to go; needs 20,000 signatures by February.  If you have diabetes, have a relative or friend with diabetes or someone who believes in the cause  please sign the petition. If youwould like to send e-mails to spread the word, there is feature on the site that allows you to e-mail the petition to people from your yahoo, gmail and other address books. Please sign and send a e-mail.   I already signed and e-mailed, have you? 

Daily Food Log

I went to Wally World b.k.a. Walmart, I bought a journal and thanks to Andrea for giving me a template to work off of.  I officially have a food journal..*jumping up and down*.  Andrea and I decided it would be easier to print the sheet and glue it into the journal (See pic).  My Food journal turned out great! Andrea I can’t wait to see yours.  I will be making updates to the blank food log tab at the top of this blog. ASAP! 



My Year End Review….

This morning I was taking a shower and I thought about diabetes.  I can’t believe diabetes has been living with me for over 4.5 years.  There were a lot of things that changed and happened in my life.  I want to share my 2008 experience with diabetes to my readers.  

  January 2008- I was placed on insulin my anti bodies were low and Wes (Endo-Prac) decided it was time for me to transition to insulin.  The honeymoon phase for Type 1.5/LADA came to an end.   Highest A1C since 2004…7.1! 

  I was placed on 20 units of insulin at night only, it didn’t help. Wes added insulin before meals.  Wes and I decided to persue an insulin pump.  I filed paperwork for the Omnipod system. 

In March, Tricare denied the Omnipod system because I my records stated I had Type 2 diabetes (oral medication) because insurance companies don’t recognize Type 1.5/LADA!  I was upset.  I decided to appeal.  

In May 2008, I received a letter from Tricare stating the denial was overturned.  I started podding May 14.  I was excited and a little nervous. I started a blog. DiabeticizME on blogspot.  I needed an outlet !   I wanted to find a all the information I could about the Omnipod, in the process I found a social network for diabetic’s called

TuDiabetes was heaven sent! I learned about the Dawn P.! I also learned a lot of  tricks and developed a lot of friendships.  I still am learning a lot about diabetes from the TuDiabetes community, it’s one thing to read about it from books and scholars but to read other peoples experience’s is 10 times better in my eye’s.   Shortly after joining TuDiabetes I went for lab and my A1C was 6.3, getting lower again.

July of 2008 I was hired by to answer questions about diabetes!  (thanks to a discussion posted by Manny) I love it! I learn about Diabetes through helping other people.  Pretty cool…:) it also made me realize the need for diabetic education and awareness!!! I hope and pray it changes in the future.  The internet, social networking, diabetic bloggers and support groups will be the key to spread the word and help educate  those who can’t afford help and those who don’t know where to look for it.

I changed my blog from Diabeticizme.blogspot to WORDPRESS! I love it! way better than blogspot in my opininon.  I enjoy the ability to blog on the go with their Iphone app. I am at 3,914 visits…I met Andrea and loved her ribbin campaign.  I am excited because she will be creating ribbins next for for World Diabetes Day.  I can’t wait to meet her in person.

In October I had the honor to participate in Hallmark Hero’s and I met the brains of and DHF! Manny and Andreina.  OMG! hands down the coolest couple ever.  Great experience and they are like family.   A few weeks later I was asked to be an Administrator for! it was an honor…how could I resist.  I joined Manny, Andreina, Kristin, Melissa and Jeff as an adminstrator on TuDiabetes.  I love it and it’s been fun…interesting experience.  I have learned so much about  lol I am diffently learning about the Ning network.

Today is January 1,2009!!! I can’t believe it, it’s almost time for my 10 year high school reunion.  haha

My diabetes…..Switching from oral medication to insulin isn’t easy.  I had better control of my diabetes when I was taking pills.  I enjoyed myself way too much this year and let me tell you this has been the worse year of my diabetic life!  I don’t have any regret’s but I learned a lesson.  don’t be confused…I Don’t hate Diabetes! lol I know this is strange but I actually love it!!

I am disappointed on how I handled my diabetic care. I plan to take baby steps to acheive and maintain the conrol I once had prior to insulin. No more laxing diabetic days for me, in my mind 365 days is enough. I know I’ve been told in the past to loosen up but I can’t! I loosened up and look what happend…lol  In order to maintain and see 5.6 again I have to go back to the tight diabetic I was this time last year.   I have gained about 15 pounds since I started the pump.  I relaxed and let go a little too much! My new motto is “Freedom, comes at a price” and I don’t want to risk weight gain, complications or my overall health to enjoy the price of “Freedom”.

Happy New Year to you all…..

Be Blessed


The Office and Diabetes

There isn’t anything about Diabetes that I keep private. I am the first to say “oops, I shouldn’t have ate this or darn my A1C is high.” I talk about Diabetes every where I go and happy to answer any questions I am asked about Diabetes. I am blessed to have a job that doesn’t look at diabetes as a bad thing. I am glad my Supervisor understands.

Today’s blog:

My supervisor came to my desk today and this is what happened

Supervisor: I know you have diabetes and I really need your help

Me: Ok

Supervisor: There is a 19 year kid and he needs an insulin pump.

Me: Ok

Supervisor: He doesn’t have any insurance and he was told he needs an insulin pump. Can you help me?

Me: Sure. He can try

Supervisor: Can you get on the Internet and print the information? I don’t know where to start.

Me: Sure.

I logged on to the Internet. I went to and also the islets of hope website to gather the information. I know it may not seem like a lot of information but this will help.
I took the paper work and gave it to my Supervisor. I let her know if she needed anything else or have any questions about diabetes to let me know.
She thanked me and I left her office.

The End

You never know who your helping, diabetes is ok at “The Office”.

Sorry for any typo’s I’m blogging from my iPhone.

I’m sorry Insulin…

I have noticed I gained a few pounds since I started using insulin in January.  I would be the first to tell you that “Insulin caused me to gain weight.”  I swore up and down insulin was the cause of the 7lbs I gained from January to August.  I was completely wrong!! It was me the whole time.  

I am sorry for blaming Insulin for the few extra pounds I gained. I took advantage of the “Freedom”, I abused my Insulin use. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted and thought it was Insulin! Until, one day it hit me…lol the more carbs you eat the more weight you’ll gain (duh) which requires more insulin. It’s not Insulin, it’s me and the amount of carbs I eat.   It was a little different when I was taking oral medication. I was a lot more disciplined I ate low carb meals at all times and it showed on my A1C’s…gosh I long to get back to 5.6.  I didn’t have the option to bolus for meals with pills, in my head I knew I better not eat a high carb meal because there wasn’t away to bring my numbers down. Please forgive me for accusing Insulin of my wrong doing! I promise not to abuse the CARB freedom that Insulin allows you to have. The food is GREAT but the consequences in the end isn’t worth it. 


Thanksgiving and Diabetes

I cooked a full Thanksgiving meal all by myself. I am very proud!! I wasn’t going to cook at all because a Turkey is way to big for 3 people. I can only eat Turkey so much…lol turkey sandwich, turkey hash, turkey tacos…lol You get my drift? I cooked dressing, mashed potatoes, greens, green beans, yams, rolls and a chicken. The meal I cooked tasted GREAT! 

This year I decided to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal, after all Thanksgiving w/o carbs is not Thanksgiving.  I bolused for 80 grams of carbs which gave me about 7.50 units of insulin and I extended half of it for about 3 hours.   I was anxious to see what my bg reading would be and 3 hours after I ate all of the things listed above my bg was 141!!! OMG! I couldn’t believe it.  I screamed and my Husband couldn’t believe it either.  I was happy and from that point on I realized I can let go and enjoy Thanksgiving…lol if I bolus correctly.  

I hope you all had a great Turkey Day,  I know I did!

Brownies and Oatmeal Cookies


Saturday, my family and I went to Carlsbad, CA to listen to a Time Share Presentation…I already know what your thinking and no they didn’t try to pressure me or my Husband to buy anything. It was actually pretty nice and not badly priced.  If circumstance’s were different we would have purchased a unit.

OK, back to the subject…

I was sitting in the middle of the presentation and my bg’s started to drop. I said excuse me my blood sugar is getting low and I need to grab me a snack. I heard my Husband tell Jennifer (sales person) that I was a diabetic.  


I walked up to the refreshment table–there were apples, cookies, brownies, coffee, diet pop and a few other things. Umm! My blood sugar was low so why not have a nice oatmeal cookie with raisin’s.  I never eat cookies, why not?  I also grabbed a brownie, I don’t know why because I hate brownies…lol the low blood sugar must have really been getting to me! I went back to the table. My Husband looked at me like he wanted to kill me!!! Oops…Why did I grab a cookie and a brownie?  My husband was furious and a little embarrassed, after all he just told Jennifer I was a diabetic.  I just wanted to live on the edge is that wrong? 

 We walked out of the Time Share presentation with 150.00 gift card to Toys’R’ Us and a free 3 day, 2 night stay to any place we wanted. Great deal right? I think so.  

Here’s the worst part…

On the ride home, I got a stomachache.  It was down hill from there, literally down hill!

 I REALLY hate brownies. I loved the cookie but next time I’ll stick with using my apple, grape or cherry glucose tablets when going low. 

Just thinking about Brownies is making me sick…..GRR!

What I learned from World Diabetes Day…

I went to work on Friday and all of my Co-workers where dressed in Blue.  I served them breakfast, just to say thank you.  We talked about diabetes and the first thing that came out of their mouths was, “I didn’t know there was a such thing as World Diabetes Day.” I let them know it’s been a round for sometime and I’ll remind them again next year.  Radona said, ” It’s sad diabetes will be the number 1 disease in within the next few years.”  I almost teared up. It’s sad but true! WE need to spread awareness and teach education. We sat and shared stories and went back to work. 

My Scott (husband) walked in the house on Friday (WDD) and he had blue flowers in his hand! very romantic. He said he knew how much WDD meant to me and it wanted to acknowledge it by giving me blue flowers; he’s such a romantic.  I received a picture from Alli (type 1) who wore blue for WDD, My BSF (best sister friend) Eboni wore WDD. My Mother had a luncheon at Samuel U. Rodgers for WDD and she had the chance to meet Andrea. My Mom said the luncheon was nice, blue table clothes on the table and the speakers was excellent.  Thank you to everyone who wore Blue on WDD.

I’ve had over 30 people read my blog post about Wearing Blue for WDD and over 30 people sign the petition for Google to change their Doodle; hopefully they’ll change it next year.  So please keep signing the petition. 

What I learned from World Diabetes Day is the importance of spreading the Word about Diabetes! We are still a clueless nation and I pray to God 10 years from now it’ll be different.  Let’s make everyday Diabetic awareness and education day. Continue to read  and write blogs, continue to join Diabetic Communities and DON’T BE AFRAID TO RAISE YOUR VOICE. 

Here are a few pic’s from my WDD, some of the pic’s were taken by camera phones. 

Be Blessed