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Operation: Stop the itch

3.5 years ago, Niya was born. She was cut out (c-section). Niya took a lot of things away from me during her stay in my belly. I wouldn’t change anything! Niya is my blessing.

I lost all of my baby weight. I’ve come
to terms that my stretch marks will not go away. I understand sit-ups, crunches or ab work outs will not rid me of stretch marks…*sigh* but for some odd reason my stretch marks started itching. Why? I don’t know. Do I scratch them?!?! Heck no! I don’t want to create more. I need to find a remedy to take the itch away.

My theory–sweat! They didn’t start itching until I started working out. Heck what do I know, I’m not a Dermatologist?!?! I’m just a woman, who happens to be a diabetic, mother and wife…who wants these dog on stretch marks to stop itching. *sigh*

Can someone…ANYONE, Help me?!?! I know there has to be a woman or man who can help me. Please I’ll try just about “anything”.

Be Blessed
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Product Pusher

It’s no secret if I like something I tell the whole world about it, after I tell you about it I try to get you to buy it.

For instance, everyone knows how I feel about the iPhone. I LOVE the iPhone and if you don’t have one I’ll try my best to convience you to get one. Lol, I have converted over 6 people to the iPhone. Apple, I need a comission!

This weekend I went to Super Target, they have free sample on Sunday’s. I ran across the Propel booth, the rep tried me to taste it. I refused. I went back around and decided to give the Propel flavor water a try. Boy, I am glad I did. I bought the grape, berry and black cherry flavor! Yum!

Monday I went to work, told me friend about the product. Joy shook her head. 5 hours later I tried to get Joy to taste some, she said “Cherise, Your a product pusher. When you like something, you tell the WHOLE world about it and you think everyone should buy it.” I looked at her and smiled because Joy was right—I am a product pusher. Lol. Darn she has me begged.

Be Blessed

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