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Home Soon!

 In 12 days…. the LOVE of my life, the APPLE of my eye, the Peach in my Splenda made cobbler, the king of the grill (BBQ) and the father of my daughter will be home on leave.  HubbyYES, YES, YES! I am one happy armywife!!!!!! If you’ve ever met a military spouse and they said,  “Oh, it’s easy being married to someone in the military.” Pull out your lancing device, glucose tabs, and sugachine test their blood sugar–it’s LOW!  IT IS HARD and it’s even harder when you have a child. My best friend, help mate and all of the other things left out the door.  I pray every day for his safe return.  I cling to every e-mail and conversation we have. I am a strong person at times, but the Lord knows some days or better than the others.   I love him, I can’t wait to see him. I am excited:) I am counting down the days….

Be Blessed


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Holiday’s and me

The 4th of July is on Saturday. I am excited. I have a three day weekend! I will try my best to sleep past 6 am, I can’t blame waking up before the crack of dawn on Niya–she sleeps until 8.

I have to be honest. The hoilday’s are very hard for me. Seeing families together, the smell of BBQ and watching people hang their flags…does something to me. I tear up when I see families hanging out. I get mad when I smell BBQ. I get chills when I see an American Flag hanging outside someone house. I am proud of my Husband for serving our country. I respect his decision but I’m not going to sit here and say how easy it is to be without someone you love for months, days or years. It’s hard. The holidays are extremely hard for me. I’m hanging in there:)

Please say a prayer for all the women and men who serve this country. They put their lives on the line for us each and everyday.

On a positive note: I’m headed to Sea World on Saturday, military and their family can get in free…that’s one bright side of the life of an Armywife:)

Be Blessed & Be Safe
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