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Dear Insulet

Dear Insulet-

Hello! I haven’t written a letter to you in a while. It’s been an awesome month on the Pod.  I really enjoy the new PDM.  I love Co-pilot, I don’t have to feel gulity about not logging.  The spreadsheets and the log sheets are awesome.  Thank you for the upgrades.  I am not writing to you to complain about the Omnipod.  I am writing to you because a few weeks ago a competitor by the name of Medingo, made it’s debut.  Although I like a few features about the SOLO.   I am satisfied with the updates and the improvements that have been made so far with the Omnipod.  I just have a couple of questions.

1. When will the smaller Pod be available?

2. When will the CGM be integrated?

I stand by the Omnipod system 100%!  I have been told by a few people it’s in the works, just a little curious:) 

Be Blessed



OmniPod and PDM=Failure

Usually, if my pod is on my hip I try to restrain from doing any exercises that requires me to lay on my hip. I decided to test my Pod. I did the side leg lefts and a few other exercises. When the class ended, I touched my pod and it was still intact. I was stoked. I made it through class without the pod falling off. After all, I was told the Omnipod is durable and should stay on during exercises.

On my way home I felt a burning sensation, I knew something wasn’t right. I checked my bg, 79. Yes! Good to go. I bolused for dinner. I ate dinner. I was about to jump in the shower. I noticed the adhesive to the Pod was coming up. I tried fixing the adhesive, I couldn’t get it to lay down–that’s odd.. in between the adhesive I noticed the cannula came out. WTH?!? No alarm!!! I grabbed the Omnipod manual. I went to chapter 10 of the manual, no mention of an alarm for the cannula/pod.


I called Insulet. I spoke to a very nice CSR. I told her the situation. She said it’s odd the PDM or the POD didn’t alarm. I asked if the POD/PDM should alarm. She said she knows it alarms for an occlussion. I told her it was odd it didn’t alarm when the cannula came out. Plus, there isn’t any mention of an alarm for the cannula in the manual. What if I didn’t take a shower?!? I wouldn’t have noticed it. She said she was sorry, didn’t understand why the Pod/PDM didn’t alarm. she would send me out another Pod. She asked, “The site you put your pod–is it muscle, lean or fat.” I busted out laughing. What does that have to do with the Pod/PDM not alarming?!? She said she has to ask the questions. I told her not to worry about sending me another Pod. I had to change my Pod tonight. I told her thank you. The call ended.

Do you use Omnipod System or Traditional Pump. Does your PDM or Pump alarm when your infusion set disconnect’s?

Ps- I really LOVE my pod. I just think it should alarm if it disconnects.

Be Blessed



Show Me Some SKIN




When I came home from work (Monday), there was a package from Insulet at the door.  I walked in the house and placed it on the table.   I put Niya to bed, washed dishes and I opened up the package.  OMG! I have a white/clear skin for my new PDM! I am SOOO happy! The PDM is nice without it but I like to have a little bit of extra cushion for my new buddy. 


chuckie cheese 06-09 044


The only thing I don’t like about the Skin… won’t fit in the carrying case that came with the new PDM





The Skin doesn’t interfer with the Strip going into the PDM, that’s a plus!





Great Job Insulet, I’m lovin’ the upgrades. 



Hum, I wonder what’s next…Finger’s Crossed for a CGM integration?  

Be Blessed


I’m getting along fine with diabetes

I’m a little curious…Are you and the “D” getting along? My current A1C is 6.3! I am very happy with it. I actually couldn’t believe it. It was 6.9 prior to my last apppintment. So, I’ve made some adjustments in my life to better my relationship with the “D”. The first thing I did was lower the amount of carbs I eat. I know low carb doesn’t work for everyone, it works for me. I have been able to mantain great bg’s (average 100). The next thing I did was increase my exercise. Woot! Exercise is great for all diabetic’s not matter whay type you have. The problem with exercise is trying to adjust, I could either be too high or too low. Patience is the key. Fix it and tweek it. It takes time but you can do it. I would rather be around with the “D”, rather than 6ft deep due to complications.

I am not looking for perfection. I want to see steady numbers without deprieveing myself. Diabetes is a pain but it’s not the hardest thing to deal with. I make sacrifices to live a healthy, long life.

Be Blessed
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Diabetes vs African Carib Aerobic’s

A few weeks ago, my supervisor came to work in pain. I asked if she was ok. She said, “Yes, Yesterday was my first day of African-Carib aerobics.” A light bulb flashed in my head. Um, so, tell me more about this class. Nat (supervisor) gave me a flyer it read “African Caribbean Dance Aerobics $5.00 per class and FREE childcare” OMG! where and when do I sign up. I have an issue with childcare, which stops me from going to the gym. She explained classes are on Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm. Sounds good to me. OH! I have to figure out my meal plan. I can’t do aerobic’s without eating! I don’t want to pass out during class. I decided to eat dinner before class. Sounds ok, right?exercise

My first class was last Wednesday. I pumped up and excited. I decided to go to BK (burger king) for chicken fries. My bg’s before dinner 109. I bolused for my carbs (45). Off to class. OMG, I worked muscles I didn’t know I had. I shook hips I didn’t know I could move. I had a full body work out. I felt good after class. I drove home. Drunk water and sent a tweet out. The time came for me to test my bg’s. My meter read 215! holy crap. I thought I would drop instead of going up. I did a correction bolus. I turned on my temp basal setting (9.5 to 1.0) for 8 hours. The next morning I woke up with a fasting bg of 85! I didn’t worry too much. Need to e-mail Wes (NP-Endo).

My E-mail to Wes:

Hello Wes! I hope all is well. I just started taking an aerobic class last week. I ate before (109)bolused for dinner. After I exercised, checked bg’s and my meter read 215. Help! Do I need to bolus before exercise?!?! Not sure what to do.

Wes’s Response to my e-mail:

No, don’t bolus before exercise unless you eat something.

Make sure that this is not an isolated event. Typically exercise lowers

However, if you have this problem as a pattern, you should use a temporary
basal for the exercise time.

You can set a preset temp basal on the Omnipod PDM. Call it Aerobic Class
and set if for something like +20% for 2 hrs (or whatever is appropriate to
control bGs around that time).

This will be sort of a trial and error thing, so don’t expect to get it
perfect the first try.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.


I went to McDonald’s, ordered 10 piece chicken nugget’s and a diet coke. I bolused for 30 carbs. I drove to class. I set my temp basal setting at 20%. READY TO GO! I shook more, moved more and kicked this time. I felt good. Crossing fingers.

2 hours after eating and exercising, checked bg’s 94! Yes, Can I get an AMEN?!?!?! Amen!

Be Blessed


PS- I am under Wes’s care. Consult with your healthcare team before making drastic changes to your basal or bolus settings.

I ordered mine. I’m broke.

Monday, I woke up to my alarm going off at 4:45 am, usually time. I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, turned over, went back to sleep.  I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my iPhone going off. I hit the snooze button on it., rolled over and went back to sleep. I finally woke, looked at the calendar on the iphone.  Time to call Insulet, need to order my new PDM.  I scheduled the alarm on the calendar to go off at 7 am (PST). 





I was a overly excited. I called Insulet at 5:15 (PST), I wasn’t sure what time Insulet opened. They didn’t open until 8:30 am.  I was a little disappointed:( I wanted to order my PDM and I do not want to wait.  I jumped in the shower, combed my hair and ironed my clothes. I called Omnipod at 8:30 am (EST); 5:30 am (PST).  I let the CSR rep know I wanted to order the new PDM.

CSR Rep: “Hello! are you a new or are you already in service with us?”

Me: “I am already on service with you.  I am calling to order the new PDM for the Omnipod system.”

CSR: “What state do you live in?”

Me: “California”

CSR: “Please hold, let me get you to the correct dept”

CSR rep 2: “How are you doing today?”

Me:  “I am doing GREAT! I would like to know if the new PDM is available? if so, I would like to order it”

CSR 2: “What’s your name?”

Me: Cherise S.

I verified my address and DOB.

CSR 2: “It doesn’t look like you are eligible for a free upgrade. Your not in the 45 day window”

Me: “I know–I am not eligible for the upgrade, I’ve been Podding for almost a year.”

I told her I didn’t care about paying OOP for the PDM. I gave her my CC info, verified my address and now I am $147 and some change broke.  I don’t care either. I’m excited. I can’t wait to see the colored screen.  The only thing I have a small issue with is waiting until the middle of June; I’ll get over it. 

I can’t wait, Christmas in June.

Amy T (diabetesmine) has  the PDM specific’s on her blog. Make sure you go check it out.


  Be Blessed


3 wishes for the Omnipod

I love the Omnipod! I personally think it’s the greatest thing since slice bread, but just like everything it has room for improvement.  I decided to post 3 things I would love to see Inselt make improvements on; when it comes to the Omnipod Insulin Delivery System. 

Color cannula- When I have  unusual high’s the first thing I look at is if the cannula is still inserted.  Clear cannula, in my own opinion wasn’t a great ideal.  Please add a little color to the cannula.

PDM- I would like to see a darker screen and a slimmer model.  I heard an updated version of the PDM is on it’s way can’t wait to see it.  I would also like to see Skin’s for the PDM. I like to be stylish and there isn’t anything cute or stylish about the PDM.

Software-  I would really love to be able to download my readings to my PC. The current state of DL readings from the PDM is terrible.  I can’t never get the Pathfinder software to work.  I gave up on it 3 days after I rec’d it from Insulet.

I Love the Omnipod but I would like to see a few things changed or upgraded. 

IF you are an Omnipod user, what improvements would you like to see and why?

Be Blessed