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For the love of sugar

  One day I tweeted…”I need a t-shirt to wear– something diabetes.” Jenny replied..”I can make something for you.”    I was excited, a little nervous because I didn’t know Jenny was an artist.  Her twitter profile reads as follow…”53, Dog lover, T1 diabetic using insulin pump and CGM. Musician and MacGeek.”  Heck, I met her in person.  Jenny never mentioned she was an artist.  

Jenny sent me an e-mail the other day with a pic of the t-shirt.  I couldn’t wait until I could actually see the t-shirt in person. 

Today I went to the mailbox,  my t-shirt arrived.   I had an idea of what the shirt would look like via e-mail but to see it in person was awesome!   Jenny actually drew the PDM to the Pod and she included the main menu to the PDM.




 Now, I have a “one of a kind” diabetes shirt to wear:)  Thank you Jenny.  You ROCK! 


Be Blessed


Btw-  “For the love of sugar” is a phrase I say when someone rubs me the wrong way.