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Twitter Monday: Diabetes Daily, D-rap battle results and more

There was so many different things happening over this past week on twitter.  I am going to try to cover them all. 


George (@ninjabetic) wrote a blog titled “Blame Diabetes” !   The post was great.  If you haven’t read it, please do. blamedTo sum it all up…PWD’s (people with diabetes) and Type 3 diabetic’s often blame themselves for every thing diabetes related.  I can’t blame diabetes for everything but  for anything diabetes related why not?  George created a twitter hashtag #blamediabetes.  If you are having a bad diabetes day–tweet it, don’t hold it in.  Please use #blamediabetes hashtag.   I hope to see diabetes trend one day, wouldn’t you?







Diabetes Daily-August 2009 monthly challenge

ddchallengeWould you like to exercise but can’t seem to find the time to do it? Do you want to exercise but can’t find a cheering squad or a workout buddy? Trying to figure out a way to lower your blood glucose eadings?  Diabetes Daily-August 2009 challenge maybe the thing for you.  David ( co-founder of diabetesdaily.com)wants to encourage everyone to get out and exercise for 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week.  I don’t know about you–I need shed a few pounds and tighten up my abs.  Why not share your experience with other people on twitter by tweeting whatever exercise you did w/ hashtag #ddchallenge.  I promise you’ll have a cheering squad in twitterville!  I am going to participate, are you?






I would like to personally thank everyone who attended the d-rapbattle via tokbox on Friday.  Even though George (ninjabetic) murdered me.  I had a ball. I promise you, I’ll win the dance off.  If you would like to see my dancing moves check out Sara’s “Beat it” post.  I promise if your having a bad day, it’ll make you laugh.


Have a great week!

Be Blessed